Afterlife Communications

Afterlife Communications


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GuestsWhitley Strieber, Open Lines

Author Whitley Strieber discussed his new book, The Afterlife Revolution, which he co-wrote with his late wife, Anne Strieber, confirming afterlife communication with her. Strieber revealed he was not a believer in an afterlife until personal experiences showed him otherwise. "When a person dies in your arms there's a profound feeling that they're gone... yet an hour and a half later it became clear that she was not gone," he said.

Strieber described his relationship with his late wife as intimate. "You don't have any secrets anymore in a state like this," he noted. Strieber also provided evidence for why he believes this is one of the most extensively documented cases of contact with the other side. He recalled the moment his wife's body was taken away he received a phone call from a friend who told him she had heard Anne's voice asking her to call him. Two days later, another friend admitted she too had heard Anne's voice asking her to call him, Strieber added.

More confirming evidence was provided by a double blind medium study led by Gary Schwartz. According to Strieber, a medium reported seeing a Greek fisherman's cap, and the weekend before Strieber had felt the presence of his late wife at the same moment his grandson had asked him for a Greek fisherman's cap.

Anne was convinced death and aliens were tied together somehow, Strieber continued. She invited people likely to have experiences with non-human beings to their cabin and monitored what took place, he explained. "The one thing that would announce it would be a dead relative or friend would show up," Strieber said. As an example, he pointed to Anne's secretary who encountered her brother at the cabin after he had been missing for 20 years. Following this sighting, non-human beings later arrived at the cabin, Strieber disclosed.

The final hour of the program featured Open Lines.

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