Aerial Spraying / Origins of Christmas

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Aerial Spraying / Origins of Christmas

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Originally trained as a physicist, J. Marvin Herndon earned a Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry. In the first half, he warned about the destructive practice of spraying particulates in the air (chemtrails) that has been going on for years. Government funded science, he stated, is not about the search for truth, but rather accepting consensus conformity. The mainstream scientific community, he added, pretends that the aerial spraying is not happening. The tiny particulates, which can get into people's lungs, have been measured in rainwater samples and not only include aluminum, barium, and strontium, but chromium and arsenic, as well, he detailed. He suspects that fly ash (the toxic waste of burning coal) is an ingredient of the aerial spray.

The purpose of the spray, he said, is to decrease rainfall, and keep heat from leaving the Earth. In other words, the aerial spraying is actually causing global warming and climate chaos, he asserted, and the UN is behind the program 100%. The United Nations wants to control sovereign countries' ability to utilize fuel, and along with other multinational groups, are seeking a one-world government, he claimed. So, the spraying program is one way to create havoc in America, disrupting the environment (such as the recent fires in California) and citizens' health, he added. Herndon believes that the chemtrail program is so widespread that commercial jets could be used to unleash the particulates into the atmosphere without the airlines even being aware of it.


In the latter half, researcher and paranormal investigator Rosemary Ellen Guiley discussed historical and cultural roots of Christmas customs, as well as how angels can play an important role in our lives, and holiday celebrations. Some of the modern Christmas practices such as the tree and wreaths stem from pagan roots, with evergreen boughs representing immortality and everlasting life, she noted. Santa Claus has a checkered history, with the Krampus figure (kind of an evil twin of Santa) disciplining or harming children that didn't behave.

Some of Santa lore from the 1800s was rather dark, she cited, with elves called the Tomten said to beat unruly children, and then lick the blood from their wounds. In Iceland and other parts of the world, there are rituals for remembering the dead during the Christmas season, and it's a time to be wary of evil goblins and trolls, she continued. Angels were very important in the Hebrew structure of the cosmos, and have also been adopted by various other cultures and religions, she detailed. Typically, angelic beings won't intercede in our lives unless they are asked-- "that's why it's important to foster some sort of energetic connection with the angel realm" such as through meditation and prayer, Guiley pointed out.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Peter Davenport

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