Spiritual Lessons / Secrets of Ancient Sites

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Spiritual Lessons / Secrets of Ancient Sites

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Spiritual teacher and clairvoyant Michael Tamura, joined Lisa Garr (email) to share his inspirational guide to spiritual empowerment, highlighted by his true stories of NDEs, intuition, and everyday experiences to build a temple for the soul. Tamura described his multiple NDEs and what he experienced during them, the first during an attack brought on by a health condition when he felt "excruciating pain all over my body" before his heart stopped. He found himself being led to an "elegant room" where a group of beings told him that he had a choice to join them in the afterlife or to return to life. He believes they were "part of a council that oversees things on this world." He recalled that in this state there seems to be no sense of time, and considers time to be a construct that we live with that does not ultimately exist.

Tamura described the lives of saints and other holy people as generally difficult before they were enlightened, and that this existence is basically a "school of hard knocks" to give us spiritual teaching in this life. Tamura’s said his third NDE taught him that the biblical adage of "loving thy neighbor as thyself" actually means that you "recognize that they are not a separate person." He believes the most important choice for him and others is to decide to "live eternally" with all the conditions on this worldly plane or beyond. Ultimately, he says that the choice between life and death is an illusion, and that our eternal spiritual life is what matters.


Spiritual teacher Sonja Grace joined the program in the second half. Grace has taken a unique approach to analyzing why such sites as the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, and Tiwanaku were constructed. She revealed secrets of these ancient buildings while shedding light on what the people and cultures of the past were doing at these sites. Grace works as a mystic healer, and counsels and treats clients from all over the world by telephone. She said that this is "because I have a different relationship to time and space" and distance is not a factor. From a young age, Grace says that she showed psychic ability, and now uses "angelic guides" to examine the history of ancient archaeological sites.

Grace says that her "body dissipates into the air like grains of sand" and the guides lead her to various sites around the world, where she observes how they came into being and the "demigods" who helped humans to build them. She has been told that these ancient monuments were inspired and directed by these demigods to remind humanity to "never lose faith" in what they were taught and that the stones are "imbued with cosmic energy." She was shown that a race of giants built the pyramids about 800,000 years ago and they were used "to transport to the stars in Orion’s belt." Grace sees some difficult times ahead in 2018, with a "big change" in August. Her guides have also told her that the recent California fires were deliberately set by the Russian government in retaliation for sanctions. Grace concluded that people should learn to meditate and center themselves to manage the coming changes.

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