New Years' Predictions for 2018

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New Years' Predictions for 2018

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In the first hour, Connie Willis (email) hosted clairvoyant Betsey Lewis, who shared her predictions for 2018. We'll see more fallout from the sex abuse scandals, with additional well-known people falling from grace, she cited, and the crazy and chaotic weather patterns will continue. Lewis foresees an uptick in volcanoes, and a large quake occurring in the South Pacific region. Something will happen before 2020, she said, that causes Pence to take over for Trump as President, possibly due to a health-related issue. Lewis sees stocks continue to rise over the next year, though ISIS, terrorism, and lone gunman attacks will continue abroad and in the United States.

Psychic healer and spiritual teacher Vincent Genna joined the program in the second hour. Among the events he predicts for 2018 are a suicide bombing at the Eiffel Tower, riots in Chicago and L.A., and a tremendous earthquake in India. He also foresees quakes in Tokyo and central California. There will be more devastation and flooding in places such as New Orleans due to storms and tornadoes, and more fires in California, he cautioned. He believes another high school shooting is likely, possibly involving the name "St. Rose." On the plus side, Genna predicted advances in cancer treatments using stem cells occurring in 2018 through 2019, and positive changes coming to Congress and the current administration.

The second half featured a review of past listener predictions for 2017 as well as new ones made for 2018. Here are highlights of some of the new ones:

  • J.D. in Las Vegas predicts there will be a massive protest by US citizens related to Kim Jong-un and North Korea.
  • Bill H. in Connecticut suggested that after the Olympics in South Korea, Pres. Trump will stage a military action in North Korea, and they'll retaliate with a nuclear attack on South Korea. During the chaos, China will invade Taiwan, and Russia will take back Ukraine and other former East Bloc countries.
  • Nick in Garden City, NY said we'd start to see people in the next stage of human evolution show off "super-powers."
  • Annie in Alabama predicted there would be fallout and scandal at pharmaceutical companies related to statin drugs.
  • Howard in Washington state said that Congress will finally pass a bill to shield the electrical grid.
  • Formerly hidden, but significant ancient artifacts will be revealed to the public, according to Eric from Indiana.
  • There will be 4-5 derailments of commuter trains in NY and NJ due to failing infrastructure, predicted Amy from New Jersey.
  • Justin in Michigan expressed concern over global warming, which he connected to Arctic animal die-offs, and super-bugs affecting the population in 2018.
  • Coast board op Nathan predicted that Trump will tweet about UFOs.
  • Connie Willis foresees an answer arising to the Oak Island money pit mystery.

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