EMP Attacks/ Telepathy & Remote Viewing

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EMP Attacks/ Telepathy & Remote Viewing

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Historian and speaker William R. Forstchen, Ph.D. updated the ongoing campaign to bolster energy and communications infrastructure against EMP attack, asteroid strikes, and other disasters. An EMP or electromagnetic pulse attack can be generated by detonating a relatively low yield nuclear weapon above the Earth's atmosphere, he explained, adding that North Korea may have this capability. "At the instant of detonation, there's a huge gamma-ray burst that comes off the bomb," he continued, and that sets up a disturbance that feeds through the wiring of our power grid and knocks it out. Without electricity, there would eventually be mass casualties in the population, as it could take years to repair the grid. We may also see a powerful CME (coronal mass ejection) from the sun sometime in our lifetime, he added, and that could pose a similar threat.

While it might cost as much as $50 billion to harden the US grid against such attacks, the damage from these events could go as high as one trillion dollars, he noted. Still, there has not been any congressional action on a national level, and so far the Trump administration has not prioritized this issue, even after the false alarm in Hawaii, that Forstchen viewed as a wake-up call. There are some local efforts taking place to protect the grid, he reported. For instance, in San Diego, an agency is working with government and private firms to upgrade their systems, and the military is exploring "microgrids"-- crucial infrastructure that could disconnect and survive an attack.


With a master's degree in Physics from UCLA, Marty Rosenblatt has worked for 35 years in areas of high energy physics using computational techniques. He is currently the President of the Applied Precognition Project (APP) which applies remote viewing to look into the future and predict stock market trends and sporting event outcomes. In the latter half, he discussed such topics as telepathy, precognition, ET communication, and time travel. A lot of paranormal phenomena such as telepathy can be explained, he said, if you view the physical world as arising "from a place of deep consciousness that I believe is connected with the zero point energy field." This field, he suggested, is the interface with the universe of collective consciousness, and can be connected to the subconscious mind and "entangled" through our intention.

He works with a team of remote viewers who attempt to predict forthcoming events using a "photo site"-- analyzing, and describing what is going on in a photograph that will be taken in the future. Rosenblatt spoke about how UFO maneuvers are unlike how objects move in the physical world and share similarities to concepts like time travel and psychokinesis. He recounted how Mel Riley, a military remote viewer, had a strange "bi-location" experience traveling into the past. He experienced being shot at during the Civil War, and made eye contact with one of the other soldiers who looked quite surprised to see him.

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