Marty Rosenblatt

Marty Rosenblatt


Marty Rosenblatt has a M.S. in Physics from UCLA. He worked for 35 years in areas of high energy physics using computational techniques. He is currently the President of the Applied Precognition Project (APP) which is a natural follow-up to Physics Intuition Applications, which he founded in 1998 to apply Remote Viewing to predicting stock market and sporting event outcomes.


Past Shows:

  • Update on Weirdness / Precognition & Telepathy

    Joshua P. Warren spoke on his latest research in the paranormal. Marty Rosenblatt talked about the science of precognition and telepathy.More »
  • Climate Change / Remote Viewing & Consciousness

    Peter Langdon Ward presented an alternative theory on global warming. Followed by Marty Rosenblatt on consciousness, precognition, and remote viewing.More »
  • EMP Attacks/ Telepathy & Remote Viewing

    William R. Forstchen updated the campaign to bolster infrastructure against EMP attack. Followed by Marty Rosenblatt on precogntive remote viewing.More »
  • Future Trends & Election Upheaval

    The founder and Director of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, joined Connie Willis (email /YouTube channel) to talk about what he sees on the horizon for the United States. He described his predictions for Tuesday's election results. In the first hour,...More »
  • Whistleblowers/ Remote Viewing the Future

    In the first half, renowned investigative journalist and author Mark Hertsgaard discussed his latest work on whistleblowers like former NSA workers Edward Snowden and Thomas Drake, who refused to back down in the face of increasingly ferocious official retaliation. In the...More »

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