Space Exploration/ Hypnotherapy & Spirit Guides

Space Exploration/ Hypnotherapy & Spirit Guides


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsRobert Zubrin, James Schwartz

In the first half, Robert Zubrin, the founder of the Mars Society, commented on new developments in space exploration and discussed his recently published paper on interstellar communication. He enthused over the recent Falcon Heavy rocket launch by Elon Musk's company SpaceX. What NASA said would take them 12 years and $36 billion, SpaceX was able to do in six years, for less than $1 billion, and their system is ¾ reusable. Musk has set a new standard with the Falcon, and raised the bar on the level of accomplishment in the field, Zubrin remarked. Transporting modular components, the Falcon could be used for setting up a moon base. He also talked about different options for the exploration and settlement of Mars, which with the success of private enterprises like SpaceX, is starting to seem more in reach.

He detailed his proposal for interstellar communication using microbial storage drives. Microbes in their DNA have massive storage ability, he explained, and they could be sent out in tiny spacecraft just a few microns across into interstellar space, catapulted by the pressure of sunlight. In 10,000 or more years, they would reach other solar systems and be capable of propagating "our kind of life," Zubrin continued, and these microbes could contain genes we add for future evolutionary adaptations.


In the latter half, Board-certified hypnotherapist James Schwartz spoke about how to use hypnosis to enhance communications with other realms. He's been able to get answers about many topics including the afterlife, karma, and parallel planes from clients who were communicating directly with their spirit guides. People tend to work with spirit guides that fit best with their belief system, he noted. For instance, a client with a Christian background might bring in an angel, while someone connected with the earth, might be drawn to an animal guide like an owl or wolf.

He referred to the work with guides as a kind of "alchemical hypnosis," in which clients can receive positive transformations. Clients remain conscious during the process and have full recall, he said, adding that sometimes they "channel" information with the angel or guide speaking through them. In one case during a past life regression, his client started speaking fluent German, even though she could not speak the language normally. The guides suggest we are multi-dimensional, Schwartz revealed, and not only do we have consecutive existences, but parallel or simultaneous ones, as well. He has a process called "parallel life regression," exploring where someone's spirit or essence might co-exist in someone else on the planet at the current time.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Catherine Austin Fitts

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