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Digital Privacy/ Awakened Dreaming

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In the first half, cyber-security engineer John Horst discussed digital privacy and the problem of data mining. While people seek to protect data related to their identity and financial transactions, there are other types of privacy invasions they may not even be aware of, he noted. For instance, if you send your cheek swabs to one of several companies who create a DNA profile for you, they end up selling your genomic data in the aggregate to third parties for medical research. While these companies have policies that disclose this, if they should go bankrupt, that data will easily be the most valuable asset sold off by the courts - and it will be sold with no controls or restrictions, he cautioned.

Regarding cell phones, when you make a call, you're originating data on your carrier's network, which they own. "This really is what has to change," he suggested. "We need to be able to turn to a cell phone carrier and say 'when I've paid your bill you are required to delete my name because it's my property not yours.'" Rather than FISA warrants being served on the telecom carriers, he believes they should be issued to the individuals themselves as owners of their own data, and this will effectively "drive a stake through the heart of the surveillance state." Horst also talked about the mechanics behind cryptocurrency and the blockchain.


"Travel Guide to the Other Side," Kala Ambrose is an author, spiritual teacher, motivational speaker, and coach. In the latter half, she spoke about her new work exploring various aspects of dreaming, such as how to improve your recall. Before going to sleep, she advised setting an intention to remember your dreams, and then waking up to jot them down or make an audio recording, which you can later interpret. Also, as a kind of aromatherapy, you can assign a scent that you take a whiff of and then associate with dream recall. There are teaching dreams, she said, where someone from the Other Side or even your higher self may be working with you to find a different answer or way of doing things in your life.

Deceased loved ones can come through in dreams for visitations, and these encounters have a distinct energy about them that is tangibly different than a regular dream, she remarked. Ambrose detailed her history of prophetic dreams, such as when she previewed her friend's mother getting into an accident, and Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans. She described the use of awakened or active daydreams to work on problem-solving, as well as the practice of lucid dreaming, in which an array of creative options can be explored.

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