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Exorcisms & the Demonic

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Author, lecturer, and spiritual warrior Bill Bean discussed what he has learned from years of fighting evil and after performing hundreds of exorcisms as part of his deliverance ministry. He shared stories and cases from the world of demon possession as well as chatted about other paranormal topics, including UFOs and the Mandela Effect. "People really do suffer in horrific ways at the hands of these demonic manifestations," he said, noting how he felt called by God to help victims struggling against evil forces.

According to Bean, possessions by demonic entities around the world are on the increase. He suggested experiments at the particle physics laboratory at CERN may have opened portals to other realms and are likely to blame for the rise in possessions as well as other strange phenomena, such as bat-like creatures spotted in the Chicago area and UFO activity. "Something has been opened that has really loosed more and more of these demons on the Earth," he speculated.

Bean recounted his frightening first case of demonic possession in the late-1980s involving a female family member. "It still is the most disturbing case that I have every experienced," he recalled. Bean remembered the victim entering a deep trance state and seeing a tall black entity in a doorway. After she awoke, her eyes were totally black, a sound like a rattlesnake emanated from her body, and she spoke in a deep masculine voice that questioned Bean's faith and mocked his knowledge of the Bible, he revealed.

Bean explained how the woman, who only weighed 135 pounds but seemed endowed with superhuman strength, ripped a cross off his neck, grabbed his throat with an unbreakable grip, and could only be restrained after nine people held her down. He also described an incident involving the priest who was called to the scene. The priest probably weighed 300 pounds and was sitting in a heavy chair when an invisible force flipped him out of his seat and onto the floor, Bean reported. "I'll never forget the look of sheer terror on that man's face," he said.

The final hour of the program featured Open Lines.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi / Peter Davenport


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