Chronic Pain Treatment/ Paranormal Encounters

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Chronic Pain Treatment/ Paranormal Encounters

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Dr. Norman Shealy, one of the world's leading experts in pain and depression management, joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) to discuss his program for chronic pain relief and other holistic treatments. Shealy outlined his use of autogenic training—a technique that teaches the body to respond to the mind's commands—which has been shown to relax the autonomic nervous system and reduce adrenaline production, and allow patients to detach from their pain. According to Shealy, this method of pain management works in 80 percent of people with no side effects, and he has personally used it with 35,000 patients.

Shealy described his use of transcutaneous acupuncture to raise oxytocin. "Every known disease whether it's psychological or physical... is associated with low levels of oxytocin," he said. Shealy reported on his process for rejuvenating telomeres (associated with longevity) which utilizes the frequency of human DNA. "My telomeres are thirty-some-odd years younger than when I started," he revealed. Shealy also spoke about his Chakra Sweep PEMF Device which can reset the original frequencies of cells. He disclosed the source of his treatments and inventions is an angelic guide he calls G. "I have five patents that came to me through G," Shealy said.


Empath Rick Wagner survived a near death experience on a motorcycle that changed his whole perspective on life and the afterlife. During the latter half of the program, he talked about his lifetime of experiences and encounters with the paranormal, and how he developed a new understanding of the unexplained things happening around him. In his work Wagner attempts to reconnect the spirits of deceased loved ones to the families to which they belong. "We always have our guides around us but we have our family... we never really lose our connection with them," he said.

Wagner detailed his work with ghosts who do not know they are dead. This usually happens when the death is sudden or unexpected, he explained. Wagner revealed he asks these ghosts to tell him what kind of shoes they are wearing and when they cannot find their feet he points out it is because they no longer have bodies. Wagner also discussed some of his clearings, including one that involved a spirit entity that was inspiring thoughts of suicide in his client. The spirit liked the client and wanted him on the other side, Wagner noted. "That spirit was relocated and in that one session all of [my client's] thought of suicide disappeared," he said.

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