Lyn Buchanan

Lyn Buchanan


Lyn Buchanan was one of the U.S. Military's Controlled Remote Viewers from 1984 through 1992. During that time he worked first as a viewer and then as a Database Manager, Trainer, Training Officer, and Property Book Officer. Upon retirement, he worked as a computer systems analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency. He then began his own computer data analysis company called Problems Solutions Innovations. When the CIA declassified the existence of the military's remote viewing effort in 1994, it became public knowledge that Lyn had been the unit's trainer, and he was quickly overwhelmed with applications for training.

About this time, he started the Assigned Witness Program, which uses trained and experienced Controlled Remote Viewers to do pro bono remote viewing work for police and other public service organizations. The original intent of the program was to help police find missing children. However as cases met with success, the various departments and agencies began to enlist the remote viewers in other projects.

Presently, Problems Solutions Innovations continues to work with both public service agencies and the corporate world to train and make use of talented and qualified Controlled Remote Viewers. Lyn has written about his experiences and what he learned about the human mind in a book entitled "The Seventh Sense".




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