Shared Death Experiences/ The Denisovan Legacy

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Shared Death Experiences/ The Denisovan Legacy

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Raymond Moody, M.D.'s seminal work, Life After Life, has sold over ten million copies and completely changed the way in which we view death and dying. In the first half, he was joined by counselor Dr. Sharon Prentice to discuss Shared Death Experiences (SDE) which are similar to NDEs except they occur not to the person who is dying, but to their loved one who is "invited along" to witness the aftermath of physical death. At the moment of her husband's death from cancer, Prentice had an SDE which she described as a transition from darkness to light. "The geometry of the room totally changes...The ceiling turned into mist...and I was just surrounded by billions and billions of stars."

She could see the stars distinctly, but they were all part of the same light that she found herself going into-- entering a compassionate realm where her negative emotions melted away, and she saw her deceased husband standing in front of her, smiling and at peace. In deathbed situations, loved ones have reported being "kind of enveloped by this hologram of the person's life," Moody shared, adding that an ER doctor told him he was flooded with images of a patient's life, as he was trying to resuscitate him. Doctors, Moody continued, have also observed a golden or grayish light leaving the upper half of patient's body at the time of their death.


Andrew Collins has been investigating the idea of advanced civilizations in prehistory since 1979. In the latter half, he spoke about the legacy of the Denisovans, an extinct species of hominins that lived in Siberia around 40,000 years ago, and whose existence was just discovered in 2010. Collins believes they developed sophisticated technology, using high-speed drilling techniques and creating unique jewelry and musical instruments. The Denisovans, who were large in size and may have been the source of legends about giants (such as the Nephilim) were fascinated by celestial movements, he noted.

In particular, Collins continued, this ancient species looked toward the Cygnus constellation, which they viewed as the source of cosmic creation. Sites such as Gobekli Tepe in Turkey and the pyramids at Giza are aligned with three of Cygnus' stars, and he suggested that their construction was based on technology passed down from the Denisovans. While DNA of both Denisovans and Neanderthals can be found in modern humans, the fate of the original Denisovans is unknown. Curiously, giant skeletons have been found in North America, and it may well be that these giants played leadership roles in many Native American tribes, and very likely were descendants of the Denisovans, Collins surmised.

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