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American Trends/ Nevada Time Warp

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In our 4th of July show, founder and director of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, talked about various trends he sees occurring in America now and in the near future. Instead of malls, people are going shopping for the "hometown experience," he said, and we're finding that once great little cities that died for a variety of reasons are bouncing back, particularly if they are within 90 minutes of an airport. Millennials and retiring boomers are looking for options beyond such overpriced cities as New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, he added. While the media continues to focus on the political divisiveness in the country, Celente foresees companies and marketers reaching out with "unity" campaigns to bring people together.

He expressed concern over rising interest rates and gas prices, as well as a possible war or military conflict involving Iran. The election process, he suggested, should be modernized allowing citizens to vote online, with the authenticity of their votes verified by blockchain technology. In what he referred to as "Reefer Money Madness," he sees the decriminalization/legalization of marijuana leading to significant profit opportunities, akin to the end of prohibition for alcohol.


In the second half, expert on mysterious and paranormal phenomena Joshua P. Warren discussed his recent discovery of an apparent "time warp" near Las Vegas. His investigation, which netted widespread international media coverage, made use of a "DT (Differential Time) meter" developed by Silicon Valley engineer Ronald Heath. Based on the concept that time might be affected by UFO technology, Warren had a plan to run tests near Area 51. Ironically, locations around the mysterious military base read normally on the meter, but he discovered an anomaly about 20 miles north of Las Vegas. The reading showed that time slowed down by 20 microseconds-- it's almost like traveling back in time, Warren mused.

Later though, he learned that the nondescript part of the desert where he'd gotten the "time warp" effect was actually known as a UFO hotspot. "Is that a coincidence or is this the first step in plotting some kind of a possible connection between these time-space warps and what people experience as paranormal phenomena?" he pondered. He now plans to conduct DT meter tests at anomalous sites like the Bermuda Triangle. Warren also spoke about his new work "Finding Your Magick," which helps people to manifest what they want in life, as well as shared strange stories about tulpas, ghostly forms created by the mind.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Tim Ball

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