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Numerology Insights/ UFOs & Alien Contacts

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In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants spoke about how this year's cycle of "2" is unfolding and why we must pay close attention to August (the month of "8"), which she views as a turning point for this year. Our natural psychic ability is stronger than usual in a "2" year, and this comes to a head in an "8" month where breakthroughs are possible, she explained. Kim Jong-un is in a personal year of "2" where he's looking at what's in it for him and how he can get more power on the world stage, she stated. This year, it's important for people to find their center through relaxing activities, she suggested, rather than getting completely caught up or overwhelmed by news or world events.

The next full moon is on August 26th-- an "8" day, and this could be a good time to meditate on prosperity and bringing that type of energy into your life, McCants noted. September, a "9" month, is a time to evaluate how your life is going, and make changes if you feel in a rut, she continued, while October is a powerful time, in which the numbers "1," "2," and "3" all come into play. Glynis discussed the significance of Friday the 13th, a "4" date that is based in truth. When there is bad luck on Friday the 13ths, there are often conflicting numbers in the charts, she noted. She also talked about Art Bell's numbers (Art died on a Friday the 13th this past April). During the last hour, she offered personal readings for callers.


In the latter half, editor of Unicus Magazine and expert in UFOs, Robert Stanley spoke about his sightings and ET contact experiences. Now living in Hong Kong, he caught a "fleet of UFOs" on film, while he was attempting to photograph the planet Mars. He also talked about his views of the Anunnaki (related images, scoll down), and though he believes they were genuine ETs who visited Earth, he suggested the ancient cuneiform tablets were altered to change the descriptions of what actually happened, which is different than the history that Zecharia Sitchin chronicled.

Stanley has concluded the various alien groups do not share the same agenda-- some are beneficent, while others are like a "cosmic crime syndicate." There are emanations or sound waves being broadcast from Saturn, he cited, which contribute to Earth being cut off from the rest of the cosmos. He talked about his interest in Babaji, whom he referred to as an Anunnaki (free PDF) and Yogananda, an Indian yogi, whose ideas dovetail with some of the ET material. Stanley touched on the hidden history of Malibu, and how extraterrestrials have repeatedly made contact there (the subject of his next book).

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates, UFO Phil

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