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In the first half, founder and president of Oath Keepers, and graduate of Yale Law School, Stewart Rhodes, discussed the role of his organization, the Stand Your Ground law, and various issues related to gun rights. He started Oath Keepers in reaction to citizens having their guns confiscated during Hurricane Katrina. In the middle of an emergency, when there's a breakdown in law and order is exactly when people need to have the ability to defend themselves, he commented. Subsequently, armed Oath Keepers went to the Ferguson, MO riots to help secure an entire block of buildings from damage and arsonists. Regarding school shootings, he suggests teachers and others (on a voluntary basis) receive training to carry guns, as this would act as a deterrent to a shooter who thinks no one can stop him.

Rhodes spoke in favor of the Stand Your Ground law, arguing that there are still too many states that are hostile to self-defense and gun ownership, and require people to retreat rather than defend themselves in terrible situations. The Stand Your Ground law removes that burden, he cited, with people only having to prove their use of force was reasonable and necessary to save their life or someone else's. Greg McWhirter with Oath Keepers, and a current serving law enforcement officer, also joined the conversation for a segment. He said 'Stand Your Ground' is particularly needed in the black community and inner city, as the "duty to retreat" prevents people from protecting themselves and loved ones.


In the latter half, clinical psychologist with a deep interest in psychokinesis (PK), Joseph Gallenberger spoke about his work using mental and psychic energies to affect objects and manifest changes in one's life. A negative attitude can impair the ability of PK to work, he noted. The last five years have seen a significant increase in the confidence we have that PK is real, he reported. The University of Virginia's Department of Perceptual Studies has been collecting data of our PK performance in The Monroe Institute's MC² program for several years, he continued, adding that they use a sensing device that attempts to detect when PK energy is present, and the results are coming in as statistically significant.

Gallenberger has been conducting PK experiments in Las Vegas casinos for 25 years now, in tandem with his 'Inner Vegas' workshops. The feedback is so quick at casinos if you are rewarded with money, he explained, so it's particularly conducive to creating the energy flow needed for PK to work. However, in recent years, he's observed some increased challenges to the flow of positive energy, because of people's increased fears and concerns over such things as divisive politics and mass shootings. Through his programs like Liquid Luck, he works with people to fine-tune their energy to manifest their goals, as well as tap into their compassion and healing abilities.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Mish Shedlock

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