AI & the Tower of Babel/ UFO Revelations

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AI & the Tower of Babel/ UFO Revelations

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In the first half, author Paul McGuire talked about how technological advancements and concepts such as virtual reality, AI, and transhumanism were all prefigured in the Bible, as well as how the hidden elite pull the strings that are moving us toward a one-world government. Along with his co-author Troy Anderson, he's researched the Tower of Babel and concluded it was an interdimensional stargate or portal. The Tower was a "gate of the gods," he explained-- an opening of one dimension to another that allowed interdimensional beings access to our planet. It was these "gods" who gave advanced science and medicine to ancient civilizations such as Atlantis, he added.

Ancient Babylon could be considered the world's first one-world government and religion, he continued, and was designed by what he calls "The Pharaoh God-King System." This system, he explained, uses mind control to convince people that their leader is a King or God, and thus has power over them. Today we see this play out with people living in financial servitude to the global elite or 'Deep State,' he commented. On the subject of the Antichrist, he characterized the being as "some kind of evolved transhumanist entity that employs artificial intelligence," and had its consciousness uploaded into it.


In the latter half, writer Bret Lueder discussed the modern scope of ufology and its connections to spiritual traditions. As to where the alien visitors are coming from, he said, some could be our own mental projections, and others are interdimensional in origin that are accessible to us during certain altered states of mind. While he thinks UFOs are primarily of a spiritual nature, some of their craft seem to be made of physical matter. Whatever they may be, they are drawn here to help teach us about ourselves, he suggested, yet a portion of the alien encounters and abductions have a very demonic or negative aspect about them.

Some of the ETs or aliens may be of a lower astral realm and use this position to influence us, Lueder remarked. He has looked into the Billy Meier contacts and found that some of the material curiously parallels the cosmic history presented in the Book of Enoch. For instance, Meier's Pleiadean contact Semjase shares a similar name with the fallen angel Samyaza. Lueder also touched on Hollow Earth theories and their connection to UFOs, as well as his theory about magic, which involves three traditional tools of manifestation-- intention, symbols, and rituals.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, John M. Curtis

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