Satanic Abuse/ Egregores & the Occult

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Satanic Abuse/ Egregores & the Occult

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In the first half, author and researcher L.A. Marzulli was joined by former police chaplain Russ Dizdar to discuss satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and how numerous crimes and criminals are related to secret government projects such as MK-ULTRA and Project Monarch rather than witchcraft and pagans. There's evidence of subterranean bases and ancient tunnel systems around the world, and Dizdar connected this to the Book of Revelation, where it says that the followers of the Antichrist will go underground. Ancient entities are located underground and want to be worshiped, Marzulli concurred, citing the anonymous testimony of two military witnesses at one such base who saw UFOs hovering, and "aliens working side-by-side with American army personnel." This partnership, he added, originated when the covert Nazi Paperclip program came to the US, though their occult/satanic belief system dates back to ancient times.

Dizdar connected the mysterious disappearances of thousands of people to the underground locations which offer subterfuge for the practice of satanic rituals on abducted victims. The number one way for demons to come into our realm is through human sacrifice, Marzulli stated. The two related an account of being at a conference in Groton, CT when a woman they identified as a multiple personality victim of SRA, cursed at them in a "twilight language" and in a demonized male German voice. Subsequently, Marzulli came down with flu-like symptoms that lasted for two weeks until he "rebuked it in the name of Jesus."


In the latter half, Director of the Institute for Hermetic Studies, Mark Stavish, talked about his new work on egregores, psychic entities that are created by a collective group mind. There are two types, he said-- one could be related to the Jungian unconscious, and the other is more intentionally created and has a spiritual intelligence. They are a kind of social control mechanism, he continued, and formulate or color a worldview of political and religious organizations, for example. Tulpas, in contrast, are a magical thoughtform, which can be visible to others and have some sentience.

Egregores may be observed by psychics or clairvoyants, but others can at least sense their energy within a group's gathering, he explained. At times, parasitic psychic energies are fueled by pooled emotions, and in one instance, an occult group had many members that came down with odd diseases or disorders, he cited. He related this to poltergeists that seem to feast off negative energy in a given place and recommended that people practice "psychic hygiene" so they don't become a feeding ground for dark forces.

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