Was Elvis Murdered?

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Was Elvis Murdered?

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After an exhaustive five-year investigation into the facts surrounding the death of Elvis Presley, author Steve Ubaney has determined the King's untimely demise was not natural. He joined guest host Richard Syrett to dissect decades of lies and reveal newly uncovered information which shows how the murder could have happened and how the murderer might have escaped. "I would love to think that Elvis is alive... but when they look at all of the evidence, all of it, the whole body of evidence, it's kind of hard to stay in that line of thought," Ubaney said.

Elvis' father, also thought he had been murdered, and some individuals, including Jared Parker, have been killed to keep the truth concealed, Ubaney continued. "It's hard to stick with the Elvis is alive thing when other people are being killed to cover things up," he proposed. Ubaney revealed he was threatened by a man dressed as a police officer brandishing a gun for his research into Elvis' murder. "The timeline is very sketchy... the witnesses involved couldn't agree on the time of day the body was found, where the body was found, or even the color of the pajamas Elvis was wearing," he said. His manager Joe Esposito claimed Elvis was found dead in bed then two hours later maintained he was discovered dead on the floor, and the cause of death is shrouded in mystery as well, Ubaney added.

Attorney Dan Warlick, who assisted in the investigation, discovered the death scene had been sanitized and there was evidence of a struggle, Ubaney disclosed. Two empty syringe-type instruments were found at Elvis home but no injection spots were found on the body. Elvis' heart was cut apart and shown to have been fairly healthy, he reported. According to Ubaney, the toxicology reports conflicted with each other with one showing Elvis had only trace to therapeutic levels of sleep aids in his system and another showing he had 11 times the lethal dose of codeine coursing through his body. Ubaney suggested one has to understand the forces behind Elvis career to truly comprehend why he would have been murdered.

Lizard Man Tales

In the summer of 1988, a terrifying beast was reported stalking the woods of Lee County, South Carolina. In the first hour, crypto investigator Lyle Blackburn recounted the story of the 'Lizard Man'—a supposed 7-foot tall creature with green scaly skin and red eyes. The Lizard Man first came to light after a police investigation into a damaged car uncovered a local legend about the beast, Blackburn explained. Two weeks later, on June 29, Christopher Davis came forward with his own Lizard Man encounter, he added.

According to Davis' testimony, he spotted something coming toward him in the moonlight while changing a tire, and got back in his car to escape. The creature jumped on the car and reached in with what Davis described as three-fingered hands with long black fingernails, Blackburn revealed, noting Davis eventually got away. "Something happened to Christopher Davis... as to what it is we can't definitively say but there's no doubt that something happened to that kid," he said.

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