Contradictions in Physics/ Quest for the New Age

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Contradictions in Physics/ Quest for the New Age

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Engineer and independent researcher Maurice Cotterell discovered a way of calculating the duration of long-term magnetic reversals on the Sun. In the first half, he discussed his work which explores the nature of gravity and contradictions in physics. He recently published a paper (PDF) explaining why many of the Mars lander missions have crashed into the Red Planet. He proposes that the rate of the vehicles' descent toward the Martian surface was too fast because the gravitational force of Mars had been miscalculated. He also has a new paper out on the causes of leaky-gut (PDF).

Related to his theories about gravity, Cotterell talked about how telepathy works, how tree roots find their way to water, the process whereby sunlight can cause cancer, and how spiders build their webs. He also addressed the relationship between music, electric fields and atomic structures (view accompanying graphics).


Third-hour guest, Brian C. Wilson is Professor of Comparative Religion at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan. He recounted the life of John E. Fetzer, a very successful businessman of the 20th century (he was listed as one of the 400 wealthiest people) whose quest for spirituality outside mainstream religion led him on an evolving exploration of various approaches. These included such things as spiritualism, theosophy, ufology, and parapsychology. He was particularly fascinated by ET contactee information in the 1950s and publicly advocated for more government disclosure about UFOs. In the 1970s, his Fetzer Foundation created an endowment for various programs to promote spirituality, and that continues to this day. View related images.

Psychic Impressions & UFOs

In the last hour, spiritual teacher Sonja Grace spoke about her work as a mystic healer and psychic. She also shared a report of her recent UFO sighting that occurred in the early evening in Arizona. It was a large square-shaped object, perhaps the size of 10 airplanes lined up, she detailed, and moved sideways in the sky. Grace's guides told her that the ship is related to what she calls "Shadow" aliens-- beings that are replacing humans that are not conscious. If someone has been taken over by one of these aliens, it can be detected by "a slight twinge of silver in the coloring of their eyes," she revealed. Grace provided readings for callers in the last half-hour.

News segment guests: Andre Eggelletion, Christian Wilde

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