William Gazecki

William Gazecki


William Gazecki is a documentary filmmaker and former audio/sound mixer best known for his Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award winning film "WACO: The Rules of Engagement" (1997). Early documentary projects include the 5-part "Remote Viewing: Lessons in Technical Remote Viewing", produced in 1998 for self-proclaimed "PsySpy" and former Military Intelligence Corps (United States Army) Army Intelligence maverick Major Ed Dames.

Prior to that, his "The Natural Solutions," produced with Susan Stafford for PBS broadcast in 1993, impacted then-pending legislation attempting to limit public access to vitamins and health food supplements. Gazecki's "Crop Circles: Quest for Truth," released theatrically in 2002, is an examination of the mysterious, worldwide crop circle phenomenon. The film won Best Documentary at the Thomas Edison Film Festival and was broadcast on the SciFi Channel. While making the film, he met Robbert van den Broeke who some believe is the only person in the world that can predict the location and shape of a crop circle before it appears.


Past Shows:

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