Understanding Sasquatch/ ET & UFO Mysteries

Understanding Sasquatch/ ET & UFO Mysteries


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDavid Hunt, Todd Standing, Jonny Enoch

Appearing in hours 2 & 3, Sasquatch researcher and tracker Todd Standing talked about his interactions with the elusive creatures (view related photos), and his lawsuit against the Canadian government, which ultimately seeks to establish protective legislation for Bigfoot. His case is currently being considered by a judge in British Columbia-- Standing believes his livelihood and credibility have been damaged by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations through their "non-recognition of Sasquatch." The government has asked the judge to dismiss the lawsuit on the grounds of being frivolous.

He detailed his methods for tracking Sasquatch that include a friendly, non-violent approach, which he believes the creatures respond to, and that allows him to get closer than other trackers. A male Bigfoot can reach heights of 9 ft. and weigh around 800 lbs, he cited, and they've demonstrated incredible speeds, as well as feats of strength, being able to pull trees out by their trunks. While they don't seem to have a language, he believes they can communicate with each other through infrasound, which gives them a significant tactical advantage.


Last hour guest, hypnotherapist, lecturer, and writer Jonny Enoch discussed ET and UFO cases in Canada and various mysteries around the world. Through his hypnotherapy with ET contactees, he's found that their experiences are not by accident and are part of an agreement they have on a soul level. "I believe that we're part of a great zoological experiment...a part of something greater," he remarked, and that the ETs are "our space brothers and sisters" which correlates with the indigenous peoples' understanding. He also touched on his travels and tours to Egypt, and the mysteries surrounding ancient monuments like the Sphinx.

Geopolitical Analysis

In the first hour, Colonel David Hunt, who has extensive experience in counter-terrorism and related operations, shared his analysis of geopolitics, the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Russia. His latest book deals with the threat of a lost nuclear device, which he considers to be a very real danger. America's involvement in Afghanistan since 2001 has turned into a quagmire and represents a failure of military leadership, he suggested. Aside from a few sanctions, no one has been willing to push back on Vladimir Putin for Russian aggression and election interference, which Hunt finds frustrating.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Lauren Weinstein




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