Pre-Biblical History/ Megalithic America

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Pre-Biblical History/ Megalithic America

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Gerald Clark holds an MSEE in Electronic Circuits and Systems, and a BS in Computer Engineering. In the first half, he shared his passion for ancient, pre-biblical history and Zecharia Sitchin's ideas that humans were seeded by the Anunnaki to serve as a slave species and that "gods" or extraterrestrial factions are still warring for power here on Earth. Clark described Sitchin as one of his favorite historians and as he commented, "a fantastic researcher." In the late 19th century, Clark said that many tablets from the Sumerian civilization were translated and revealed accounts of a worldwide flood that matched the Bible account fairly accurately, yet were thousands of years older than the Genesis story.

Another recurring theme that Clark discovered though his research was the belief (expressed in both the ancient Mayan calendar, as well as those of other ancient civilizations) that the Earth and solar system periodically pass through a "galactic center," and that at that time they claimed, "human consciousness reached its apex." In other words, some kind of cosmic awareness would sweep over mankind. Clark said that one of his first revelations about ancient history with his background as a Southern Baptist was that the modern Bible is, as he said, "a facsimile" of older accounts of prehistory. His research, says Clark, has "changed my whole paradigm" about pre-biblical history.


Glenn Kreisberg is a radio frequency engineer, writer, researcher, and licensed outdoor guide. He serves as a director-at-large for the New England Antiquities Research Association. In part two, he discussed his groundbreaking study of ceremonial stone landscapes in Northeast America, including many enigmatic formations still standing across the Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley regions, complete with functioning solstice and equinox alignments. Kreisberg stated that there are 240,000 miles of stone walls in the northeast region of the U.S. alone, and that construction by colonial Americans cannot possibly account for them all, even though many "experts" and archaeologists have insisted to him that this is the case.

Kreisberg has deduced that many of the remaining stone structures and monuments were built for the purpose of "altering states of consciousness" as well as "speaking to beings on the other side," such as a tribal shaman might do. He also pointed out that the alignment of many of these stones and structures match up with prominent stars in addition to times of seasonal change. Kreisberg said that whoever built these monuments "understood the movements of the sky in an innate way" that we don’t possess today and that these structures and markers were "left scattered across the land as calendars and compasses." Related photos.

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