Artifacts Coverup/ Psychic Predictions

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Artifacts Coverup/ Psychic Predictions

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In the first half, author and researcher Steve Quayle argued that there's been a cover-up at the Smithsonian Institution of ancient artifacts, including giant remnants, and evidence of an Egyptian presence in the Grand Canyon and the Americas circa 250 BC (view related material). Anthropologist John Wesley Powell, an influential 19th-century director of the Museum, was instrumental in keeping "out-of-place" artifacts from the public eye, he said. Quayle recently interviewed an eyewitness (identity disguised in video) who claimed he was shown secret storage facilities of the Smithsonian containing giant skeletons and Egyptian artifacts including mummies. There are literally "tens of thousands of items" not just from the Grand Canyon, but the Pacific Rim, and different burial mounds that the Smithsonian wants to keep quiet, Quayle added.

The source had security clearance and saw the artifacts 20 years ago, traveling down four levels, and was also told of items not shown. The finds have been kept secret, he continued, because they would deliver a blow to Darwinism, and reveal the presence of the fallen angels or the Nephilim. The giants were half-human and half-fallen angel, he suggested, and helped build ancient megalithic sites with huge stones. Will the DNA of ancient giants become the super-soldiers of tomorrow? Quayle pondered. He believes that eventually demonic disembodied spirits of the giants will inhabit machines. For more, check out the upcoming True Legends Conference on transhumanism and the hybrid age.


In the latter half, Elizabeth Joyce, respected for her gifts as a psychic and energetic healer, shared insights and predictions, as well as discussed her methodology that combines astrology and intuitive perceptions. The astrological aspects (including positions of Pluto and Saturn), she noted, have contributed to the recent tumultuous weather, fires, and storms. Joyce foresees some American states breaking away from the union, but within ten years after the split, they will rejoin the country. The North Korean situation she believes will be peacefully resolved, with the nation reuniting with South Korea.

Countries in the path of an eclipse can face increased problems-- she cited the floods in Kerala, India as an example of this. She also pointed to Ukraine as a site of upcoming turmoil, as she believes Putin will try to take it over. Joyce sees a change coming to the US economy in October or November. "I also see a darkness coming for Mr. Trump," she stated. "I do think that it could be something emotional or physical or both, but he will have a tough six months starting in November." During the last hour, she gave readings for callers about concerns in their lives.

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