Alien Agendas

Alien Agendas


HostConnie Willis

GuestsDerek Tyler, Robert Zimmerman

Author, researcher, whistleblower, and alien abductee Derek Tyler has performed serious research on the alien agenda conspiracy, along with his personal experiences, private conversations with insiders and interviews with over three thousand abductees. He joined Connie Willis (email) to discuss terrifying accounts and research on aliens, their agenda, and his life as a military abductee. Tyler said his research is "stressful and it’s frustrating, and it's dangerous" because of his belief that he is exposing the secrets about abductions, which he says are performed primarily by the military. He says that these secrets are kept in place through a systematic program of intimidation and even what he referred to as "chemical memory erasure."

According to his sources, Tyler says that only 12 – 20 people in the United States have access to the full picture of UFOs and the alien presence on Earth, and are aware that much of our advanced technology was given to humankind by alien races. He also claims that the military knows who has been abducted and within a few hours re-abducts those who have been taken in order to use their heightened psychic powers for remote viewing and espionage, erasing their memories afterward. Tyler related that the so-called "greys" are cloned beings who have an IQ of "about 80" and are "used to carry out the dirty work." His military contacts have also revealed that they "are terrible pilots" and are responsible for most of the crashed UFOs that have been recovered.

Tyler continued with his opinion of NASA, which he referred to as a "public relations agency" which exists to keep the public in the dark about the real source of the space program, which he believes is the military. He also thinks that technology exists that allows the alien races to remove souls from people’s bodies so that they can be inhabited by other beings while the original soul is kept in a container that Tyler described as a type of "Faraday cage" that blocks or traps electromagnetic energy. He believes that this has happened to him. He does not think that anything like a disclosure of this explosive information will be forthcoming anytime soon.

Outer Space Exploration

Space historian Robert Zimmerman joined the program in the first hour. Zimmerman has written extensive histories of the American space program and said that when doing interviews with the personnel, astronauts and families of NASA employees, he was struck by the fact that "they were completely willing to bare their souls" with directness and honesty, which he feels is now lacking in the NASA culture. Zimmerman addressed the controversy surrounding the forthcoming film about astronaut Neil Armstrong and the rumor that the filmmakers decided to portray the first moon landing as not an American achievement, but one which the entire world shared, which, if true, he characterized as a "bad decision." He also covered the recent news that someone on the ground in the USSR accidentally drilled a hole in a docking system and repaired it badly, which later resulted in a slow air leak on the ISS.



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