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In the first half, author John Hogue returned to review some of his most significant forecasts he listed for 2018, as well to share insights and predictions on current events, the US midterm elections, Pope Francis, and Donald Trump. Regarding the upcoming elections, he doesn't see the numbers moving significantly in either direction, so even if the Democrats take control of the Senate, there wouldn't be enough seats to create any significant legislative advance. "My sense is," he said, is that "the next two years are going to be even more dysfunctional than anything we've seen before." If President Trump survives the scandals and possible impeachment attempts within his first two years in office, he has the potential to be a two-term president, Hogue added.

He foresees going into the 2020s that the US will become entirely controlled by corporations unless citizens rebel. Further, "the next three years will see a critical spike in temperatures, fires, and major storms," Hogue warned. He hopes this will wake people up into taking action for getting off fossil fuels and curtailing the greenhouse effect. Discussing his recent appearance on the History Channel special, The Last Pope?, he lamented that some of his remarks were taken out of context or cut, and it may have created a false impression about his views on Pope Francis, as well as Sister Lucia's third secret. He also talked about how deeply affected he was by the death of Anthony Bourdain, and the issue of mundane vs. spiritual suicide.


In the latter half, former special education teacher and author John Eagan detailed his experience with a demonic apparition at his New Jersey home and the messages that were delivered to him. The incidents started with the unexplained sounds of an iron door slamming on the property, and he and his wife sensed an eerie, menacing presence. This was followed by the sound of heavy footsteps on the stairs, but no one was there, or recorded on their security cameras.

Eventually, he witnessed a giant wall of "blue fire" in the living room, with pieces of something like coral that emerged from it. The pieces then turned into a full-headed horned apparition-- a blue demon filled with 100% hatred, Eagan recounted. The being seemed intelligent and telepathically conveyed "No More." The catalyst for the haunting, he concluded, was due to his regular prayers for the lost souls he worked with when he was a part-time bartender. The black-eyed demon also declared "I am many, and many more wicked than I." Eagan said he successfully expelled the presence by putting a rosary in front of it.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, John M. Curtis, Andre Eggelletion

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