Who Built the Great Pyramid?

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Date Host Jimmy Church
Guests Manu Seyfzadeh

The architect and even the purpose of the Great Pyramid has been a subject of debate for centuries. Author and Egyptian pyramid researcher Manu Seyfzadeh contends the true designer of the Giza pyramid was not Khufu but Hemiunu, who was one of the most important members of the court and responsible for all the royal works. Seyfzadeh joined guest host Jimmy Church (email) to discuss his hypothesis along with new clues about the technology involved to build the pyramids of Egypt. Seyfzadeh originally wondered why there was no record of any architect of the Pyramid and also why there seemed to be no references to it or the Sphinx in Egyptian writings, even though they kept strict records of mundane issues such as taxes.

Jimmy asked about the recent discovery of a chamber above the grand gallery in the Great Pyramid. Seyfzadeh thinks that it "was the greatest news in archaeology of the century" and commented that it was almost as if the Pyramid was waiting until we developed less invasive or harmful methods before it started giving up more of its secrets. Seyfzadeh has completed a detailed analysis of the structure of the rows of stones in the Pyramid and believes that, based on his study, that there are "six to eight" more chambers above the King’s chamber yet to be discovered. He mentioned that another researcher has proposed that areas of the Ppyramid seem to have collapsed slightly, further indicating that there may be undiscovered spaces within.

Seyfzadeh recently returned from Egypt and says he saw particle detectors in place in the Grand Gallery of the Pyramid which could be used to search for possible undiscovered chambers. The area is still closed to the general public. He estimated the cost of placing these detectors (which look for cosmic particles called ‘muons’ in order to discover open spaces in stone or rock) would cost "many millions of dollars." In response to a caller, Seyfzadeh indicated that he is currently looking at possible similarities in symbols between ancient Egypt and the mysterious Gobekli Tepe site in Turkey.

In response to a question about possible entrances to hidden chambers under the Sphinx from caller Garrett from Oregon, Seyfzadeh said that "the main question is does it go anywhere or is it just a blind pouch?" although Jimmy mentioned that there have been multiple explorations of passageways and underground spaces in the Pyramid/ Sphinx complex. Seyfzadeh stated that there is still much to be discovered in Egypt though some areas are currently off limits since they are military zones. He concluded that there are "many secrets hiding under the sand potentially."



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