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Manu Seyfzadeh is of Persian and German descent. He is a practicing dermatologist in Southern California and has a background in physical sciences. He became interested in Egyptology after reading Robert Bauval's book about the Orion Correlation Theory. Since then he has visited Egypt and written a book about the Design of the Great Pyramid.



Past shows:

Exploring Spiritual Realms / The Great Sphinx & Hall of Records

Motivational speaker Marla Martenson talked about her exploration into magical and spiritual realms. Followed by author Manu Seyfzadeh on the Great Sphinx and mysterious Hall of Records. More »

Who Built the Great Pyramid?

Manu Seyfzadeh discussed new revelations about the Great Pyramid and ancient Egypt. More »

Last Night

Entrepreneur and video game pioneer Rizwan "Riz" Virk talked with Connie Willis about the Simulation Hypothesis, the idea that our physical reality is part of an increasingly sophisticated simulation. Followed by Open Lines.

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