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In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants offered analysis of how this year's bizarre cycle of "2" is wrapping up and what to expect for the coming cycle of "3" for 2019. As a "2" year (2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11 = 2), 2018 has been a tumultuous stretch with people feeling everything very deeply, she noted. Dubbing 2018 as "the year of the psychic," people's intuition and empathy have been especially accentuated, she continued. 2019, a "3" year, has a lighter energy-- "it's more about communication, and getting in touch with your inner child [and] trying to find ways to laugh and have fun," she said, adding that there will also be a focus on the family and bringing people together in person, even if they've been estranged.

2019, she added, will be a time when people will strengthen their humanitarian efforts, and be able to relate to each other more in the spirit of compromise. This coming December, the 12th month, is also a "3" and give us a taste of what is to come in 2019, McCants detailed. It's a powerful time to socialize and make connections, she explained. Regarding the numerology of Donald Trump, it's possible, she said, that he may not run for re-election in 2020, as he lacks the kind of freedom his personality seeks out. She also spoke about the prosperity aspects of the number 8, and how seeing 11:11 on a clock is a reminder that the universe is open to what you want.


In the latter half, trained psychic detective, spiritual medium and remote viewer Nancy Du Tertre discussed her brand of psychic sensing, called TSP remote viewing. Standing for "Tested ESP," TSP differs from the protocol of other types of remote viewing (RV) because the target is not blind. Instead of just being given anonymous coordinates like in controlled remote viewing, the TSP viewer is presented with a question, and is allowed to get continuous feedback from their client. The process is less complicated than RV, she explained, though the target can be more complex such as an attitude or experience rather than the location, person, or event typically used in traditional remote viewing.

If you send the beacon of your intention out to answer a question, your psychic ability to pull in all the data can be realized in a way that's fuller than the rigid target descriptions of RV, she continued. TSP questions she and her students have explored for clients go well beyond the confines of RV, and include such topics as spirit guides, past lives, mediumship, located inheritances, homicides, missing persons, spiritual development, alien contact, ghosts, and energy healing. In terms of accessing one's intuition and ESP, ask yourself "impossible questions," she advised, as though you were a journalist in the "psychic brain."

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