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Secrets of Antarctica / Open Lines

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Author and researcher Brad Olsen is traveling to Antarctica to look for anomalous features in an area he calls the "Illuminati Disneyland." From a UFO craft 3-miles long under the retreating ice, to antediluvian pyramids and architecture now being revealed, Olsen joined guest host Richard Syrett to suggest that Antarctica could harbor craft that would force disclosure, or was once the legendary continent of Atlantis. Olsen was actually interviewed from the Argentinian city of San Carlos de Bariloche, where he said he was no more than 10 hours from arrival in Antarctica. He discussed the history of the Nazi presence in the local area and the rumors of Hitler spending his last years nearby. Olsen also passed through areas of Incan ruins near Cuzco and described the megalithic structures that appeared to have been built with advanced technology he referred to as the "cold plasma technique," which softened the stones while they were being placed.

Olsen said he hoped to be able to view an area of Antarctica that has so far been off-limits to all but what he referred to as the "elite," such as John Kerry, Newt Gingrich, and Buzz Aldrin. Olsen quoted Aldrin as commenting "We are all in danger. It is evil itself" after he returned from the continent. Before and after WWII, said Olsen, Germans were exploring and creating sophisticated bases there, which he believes are still operational, perhaps by a new generation of Nazis or sympathizers who safeguard treasures and gold smuggled out of Europe before the end of the war. He also discussed the discovery of pyramid-like structures which he said "are four-sided, which makes it even more likely that they were crafted" and perhaps used as some sort of source of power or protection during magnetic pole shifts since they appear all over the Earth. Related images.


Open Lines occupied the second half. Perry in California said he didn’t believe that Hitler escaped Germany as Olsen contended because he said that the dictator looked "half-dead" in films taken from late in the war. Don in Ohio predicted that "you’ll never see" anything like the developments in the world in 2019. Cecil called from Texas to report on video he’d managed to capture of glowing orbs and the "Archangel Michael." Lyra in California said that her life is plagued with the aliens who live in her neighborhood. She said that she is having trouble getting photos of them because the "Air Force put up sensors" around her property which blurs out pictures. Johnny says he has found evidence of a Neanderthal civilization near the James River in Virginia.

Then, Eric called in from New Mexico to relate a harrowing story of a car breakdown in the middle of the desert with his father near Area 51 many years ago. He flagged down a "black van with black windows" and was confronted with a whole family wearing ski masks and carrying guns. They finally revealed themselves to be on a hunting trip and helped get him back on the road. "My dad sends them Christmas cards to this year," he said. Brent called from Canada to report his obsession with this sequence of numbers, which he said came to him after a UFO sighting: "1-3-7-11-13-51." Richard said he’d play the numbers in the next lottery. Joseph in North Carolina recalled a UFO sighting in his area in 1974 where "traffic was stopped for 10 miles" on the interstate and was reported extensively on the radio.

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