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Bending Realities

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Our reality is not what it appears to be, according to technology expert Jim Elvidge. The latest physics experiments demonstrate that an objective reality doesn't exist. Elvidge joined Richard Syrett in the last three hours to discuss strange interconnectedness, anomalous events, and how a different view of reality makes anomalous experiences possible. Elvidge began by stating that the search for an ultimate reality has been around since at least the time of the ancient Greeks, when Plato proposed that the world we experience is like shadows on a cave wall. He continued with the idea that there is "something there when we are not looking at it" has been thrown into question by quantum physics. Elvidge said that everyone sees things a little differently, and when this gets to an atomic level, the degree that something can be precisely predicted disappears.

Elvidge said that he doesn’t believe (like physicist Nick Bostrum) that we are living in a vast computer simulation. His theory is that our "apparent physical reality" is something that was invented by some sort of vast or universal consciousness and is continually evolving to give all beings the chance to "learn and experience time." He believes that this idea matches well with ancient spiritual traditions as well as quantum theory. Elvidge refers to experiences on this planet and throughout our lives as the "reality learning lab" which consists of the interactions of our consciousness with others and with the universal mind.

He says his model fits well with explanations for many paranormal issues, such as ghosts, which can be thought of as a "program or set of information that is running in our reality" or UFOs, which Elvidge says may be some sort of phenomenon that is present, but "just doesn’t follow the rules" of physics as we know them. Caller Rick in California commented that Selvidge’s ideas seem to remove the concept of free will from our reality. Selvidge said that on the contrary, "individuated free will is what makes this all happen." Related images.


In the first hour, Scott McClelland joined Richard to speak about his ‘Carnival Diablo, the Ultimate Sideshow,’ a traveling show operating primarily in Canada. McClelland described learning his craft at the side of his grandfather, who owned, produced, and starred in a similar show from 1920 to 1968. In 1984, McClelland won an old ventriloquist’s doll named "Waldo" at a government auction, which had a history of leaving a path of death and destruction for anyone who owned it. The body count was at least 10 when he acquired it, so he chained it to a "trunk filled with 400 pounds of lead shot and hog-tied him." A psychic said that the problem was the doll was made from wood "from a hangman’s tree," and that is what gave it an evil disposition. Image.

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