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Ark of the Covenant Lore

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There have been recent reports that the Ark of the Covenant is inside a church in Axum, Ethiopia, called the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, and that only the "guardian" of the ark is allowed to see it. However, Ark historian, Dr. Tudor Parfitt, believes otherwise. He joined Ian Punnett starting in the second hour to discuss the latest in Ark lore and knowledge of what the object may truly be. Parfitt referred to the tradition of the Ark and the ancient Coptic Christian culture of Ethiopia as "the founding myth" of the country, and added that for centuries, it was the only Christian country in that part of the world as well as possessing a "written tradition going back almost 2000 years."

Parfitt described the research of his friend and colleague Dr. Edward Ullendoff, a scholar of early Middle Eastern culture, who claimed to have seen the supposed Ark in the Axum Church during WWII, but "didn’t reveal what he’d seen because he didn’t want to offend the Emperor and the other Ethiopians he knew and loved." Parfitt said that what Ullendorff saw "wasn’t an ancient artifact," but a replica of the Ark just like many others in Ethiopian churches throughout the country, in the way that a cross is a replica of the original used for ceremonial purposes.

In the third hour, Parfitt described his research into the "Lemba" tribe of South Africa and their claims of being one of the "Lost Tribes of Israel," as well as indications that they may have part of, or an object related to the original Ark. Parfitt’s original research indicated that members of the priest class of the tribe share DNA markers with the traditional Jewish priestly class. The object, which Parfitt believes has a good chance of being genuine, awaits better analysis while it is hidden in a museum in Zimbabwe. He added that Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe reportedly seized the artifact and for a time would drink water out of it as a superstitious ritual. In the last hour, Ian fielded calls from listeners.

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In the first hour, Ian discussed news stories from the Coast website with Tim Binnall, and took calls from listeners about their predictions for the next year. Dave in Illinois said that the "Deep State" and global elites will "suffocate the economy" to make Donald Trump look bad. Troy in Virginia predicted that the "hostile and peaceful aliens who "walk among us in cloaked form" will make themselves more visible. Michael in Texas said that more diseases and disorders from personal electronics and radiation from 5G networks will become apparent.

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