Listening to the Body / San Luis Valley Anomalies

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Listening to the Body / San Luis Valley Anomalies

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According to Dr. Chris Gilbert, integrative and holistic medicine physician, the most common ailments that send patients to doctors are not purely physical problems. Instead, they frequently have their origin in intense but suppressed emotions. In the first half, she joined Connie Willis (YouTube channel) to discuss how the key to healing lies in coaxing the body to give voice to the emotional sources of illness; then, very often, the symptom will disappear and the body will start healing. Gilbert said she prefers this methodology, which can get to the core of an issue (often stress-related), rather than the standard Western medicine approach of prescribing medications for any ailment.

She views the different bodily systems within a person as a kind of family that interacts with each other. In working with patients, she has discovered that the antecedent to physical illness is often a fight between two (or more) parts of one's self. In that instance, she advises them to release bottled-up emotions such as anger by using different colored pillows that represent the sides in conflict. Sitting on each pillow, her clients give voice to the specific feelings, or dialog between them. In some cases, she even has her patients beat the pillows to physically express the repressed anger.


The San Luis Valley in Colorado has a history of unexplained events, including aerial activity, phantasmal creatures and other phenomena centered around specific locations. In the latter half, paranormal researcher Christopher O'Brien detailed the high incidences of UFO sightings, unusual geophysical properties, rare weather phenomena, and crypto-creature reports (view map). The period of the 1990s, shortly after he first moved to the area, was a particular hotbed for the odd activities. In November 1992, "two huge hundred-foot ovals came down from the mountains and hovered over our town (Crestone)" before taking off in different directions, he recalled, and this became the catalyst for his first book on the area.

There were also, he continued, numerous sightings of weird "drone domes," balls or spheres that hug the terrain, float alongside cars, and seem to adapt or camouflage themselves to the environment. Bigfoot reports are not uncommon in the campground and hiking areas, O'Brien cited, and over one period there were seven sightings within eight days, with a lengthy set of tracks that had drippings of elk blood. He also recounted some of the fascinating lore by the Pueblo Indians, native to the area, who spoke of 3-4 ft. tall "Ant People" said to have underground entrances near peculiar sand dunes. O'Brien has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the deployment of pan/tilt/zoom video cameras to catch UFO and anomalous activities in the San Luis Valley.

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