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In the first half, pharmacist, nutritionist and cosmetic chemist, Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts, and offered tips on supplements and healthy changes to one's diet and lifestyle. On the question of whether a person can take too many vitamins, he noted that water-soluble ones such as vitamins C and B are readily flushed out of the system. However, fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, and E remain in the body longer and should be carefully dosed. The problem of tinnitus or ear ringing is associated with inflammation in the ear, he suggested, and sufferers often have blood sugar and digestive issues in parallel. He recommended they focus on strengthening their intestinal health and blood sugar system.

The stress hormone cortisol can prevent people from losing weight, so by reducing mental and emotional stress, one may have a better chance of seeing results, he cited. Regarding a weight loss diet, he recommended getting carbs from vegetables rather than grains and avoiding processed food which is low in electrical and enzymatic energy. Taking plant-derived minerals helps to push out metallic toxins, and bentonite clay and activated charcoal can also be effective for clearing out toxins, Fuchs added.


Paola Harris is an Italo-American photojournalist and investigative reporter specializing in UFO and ET phenomena research. In the latter half, she discussed her work with various luminaries in the field who are no longer with us, such as J. Allen Hynek, Col. Philip Corso, Monsignor Balducci, and Dr. John Mack, as well as cases of contact in Latin America, and the role of the paranormal in UFO investigations. She also touched on her ongoing examination of the evidence for giants on the island of Sardinia (view photos). She met with a farmer who had dug up bones and teeth said to come from giants, and she announced a further expedition in May, with plans to DNA test some of the materials.

Non-human intelligences do not just take the form of aliens or "greys," but some of them can be quite human in appearance, she pointed out, such as described by many of the contactees starting in the 1950s. Responding to a caller who mentioned the Sicilian contactee, Eugenio Siragusa, Harris called him the Italian George Adamski. Like Adamski, he attracted a following after claiming to meet with human-looking aliens during the 1950s. Describing her own encounter with what she believes was an ET, Harris said the incident took place one night in 2014 at Mount Shasta and there were multiple witnesses. They saw a 10 ft. tall being with blonde hair, standing against a tree, who spoke in a manner she could not understand.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Dr. Peter Breggin

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