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Evidence of Ancient Giants / Spanish Inquisition

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Scientist and researcher Michael Tellinger has for almost 30 years been obsessed with science, the cosmos, and the origins of mankind. In the first half, he discussed evidence for ancient species of giants, as well as his ongoing research into ancient ruins and advanced technology. While exploring near his home in South Africa, he was shocked to discover that the rocks he was standing on top of were actually fossilized body parts. Realizing that some of these parts were staggeringly large (related photos)-- bone knuckles the size of a VW Beetle, and a tooth 100 times the size of a human's, this suggested to him they came from a being as tall as one-mile in height (this was also alluded to in the Book of Enoch, he noted). He found a fossilized heart about three times the size of a normal human, which he believes may have belonged to an Anunnaki or Nephilim.

Tellinger concluded that these beings were suddenly killed during a Great Flood and their bodies became fossilized in the muddy waters that enveloped them. Because he found a preponderance of individual body parts, such as hearts, he suspects that larger creatures may have been eating smaller ones, and possibly removing organs such as the heart first. He also talked about the curious network of stone circles covering South Africa, which he estimates to be around 10 million in number. These were powerful energy-generating structures, he surmised, amplifying sound frequencies coming out of the Earth. The frequency from the stones still have a natural healing power, he added.


Bestselling author of international thrillers, James Rollins, is known for unveiling unseen worlds, scientific breakthroughs, and historical secrets. In the latter half, he shared his wide-ranging research for his new book Crucible, which stretches from the Spanish Inquisition to the near future realms of AI. His main character, a female scientist, has created an AI being called Eve, who is growing very rapidly and will either become something god-like or demonic, he detailed. Regarding the future of AI, there are divergent views-- some predict a world of wonder, others such as the late Stephen Hawking, warned of a Pandora's box that could lead to our destruction.

In Rollins' new work, he draws a parallel between the difficulty female scientists face, and the persecution of witches, dating back to the Inquisition. He cited the influence of the Medieval text known as the Malleus Maleficarum, the Hammer of Witches, which endorsed the extermination of witches-- some 60,000 people were killed over the several centuries these ideas held sway. Yet, he discovered that the Catholic church wasn't entirely unsympathetic to witches, as they had a patron saint who was said to protect them, St. Columba of Sens, who was martyred and beheaded in the 14th century because of her faith. In her wake, many wise women and nuns acted as healers, said Rollins. They smudged the line between paganism and Christianity and could be considered part of the cult of St. Columba.

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