1977 Alien Abduction & Mysterious Space Bursts

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1977 Alien Abduction & Mysterious Space Bursts

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe delved into mysterious repeating radio bursts in space, and a 1977 UFO abduction case linked to unexplained implants. Fast radio bursts (FRB) are one of the biggest mysteries in our universe. They're a burst of radio signals that last only milliseconds, but their power is equivalent to the energy in half a billion suns. In January 2019, Canadian physicists began reporting new repeating FRBs. Astrophysicist Ingrid Stairs explained that the signals were picked up by the radio telescope known as CHIME (Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment) and likely come from special places within galaxies, such as near a supernova remnant or black hole. Stairs added that she was skeptical of alien explanations for the FRBs as the signals are coming from all different directions in the sky. More here.

In a special three-part report, Linda interviewed former USAF Airman Terry Lovelace about his extraordinary alien abduction which took place in the summer of 1977 while camping at Devil's Den State Park in the Ozark Mountains. At their campsite, Lovelace and his friend Tobias witnessed an enormous triangular craft but felt compelled to "sleep" shortly afterward. When they awakened, they saw the area was flooded with light and around 12-15 small beings in groups of twos and threes were wandering in the meadow. "They took us, Terry," Tobias announced, "and they hurt us."

While Lovelace realized he was injured at the time, it wasn't until years later that memories of the abduction aboard a craft that was some five stories high came back to him. One of the beings aboard the ship, he recounted, looked like a tall praying mantis-type, had insectoid compound eyes, and coldly communicated via telepathy. Unnervingly, he saw naked men, women, children being experimented upon, as well as banks of fetus-like hybrids in liquid-filled tanks.

Lovelace, who went on to become a practicing attorney, and Assistant Attorney General on the territory of American Samoa, had hospital X-rays taken in 2013 of his right leg knee and thigh which medical doctors confirmed showed anomalies they'd never seen before: a square metallic object emitting wires as well as a "floret" shape. There were no scars, a phenomenon that has been confirmed in other human abductee cases where implants have been discovered, Linda cited. In 2017, Lovelace said he received a visit from a small, Asian-looking female whom he recognized as a hybrid. She telepathically communicated: "You have devices in both of your legs. They serve a purpose and they have caused you no harm. If you continue to speak publicly and if you publish your book, my hosts will recover them." More at Earthfiles, and at C2C, where Lovelace was interviewed on 11/9/18.

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