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Religious Demonology / Open Lines

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During the first half of the show, George was joined by religious demonologist Nathaniel Gillis for a discussion on demons and unclean spirits. According to Gillis, there is a current schism in the Roman Catholic Church among exorcists. "They're finding out that a lot of these demons are not demons at all... but they're disincarnate spirits," he reported. These discarnate unclean spirits are in mourning for what they lost at death and possess the living to regain the life they had before, Gillis explained, noting how the demonic world is profoundly empty of sense experiences.

Gillis described demons as sentient parasitical entities with their own belief systems who also know us in some cases better than we know ourselves. "They will try to possess, they will try to take, they will try to feed," he warned. Gillis suggested demons in non-Christian parts of the world do not submit to the name of Jesus due to the fact they have their own systems of belief. He also shared his experiences living in a haunted house and recounted the first time he walked into the room that would become his bedroom. "I just remember smelling a stench of sulfur in the room and it felt heavy," Gillis said, noting he saw a young girl with black hair in period clothing under the bed.


The latter part of the program featured Open Lines. Wes in Massachusetts talked about how he can capture paranormal phenomena around his home using a camera. According to Wes, he's snapped photos which show the spirit of his deceased Chihuahua (with the head of man coming out of the floor), skeletons, owls, and an old man who looks in from the other side of a mirror. He also reported on the ghost of a young girl who roams the house usually around 3:30 in the morning. "I was always in fear of death but I'm not in fear of death anymore after seeing these pictures... I believe there's a different dimension you go to," Wes said.

Jane from New York told George about her experiences moving into a haunted home in the secluded mountain town of Cazenovia, New York. According to Jane, her research showed the house had a history of women hating it and men wanting it, though no one ever stayed for more than a year. The property had an empty swimming pool and six abandoned dog houses. Every dog that ever lived at that house drowned in the pool, Jane revealed, noting her own dog could often be found in the pool barking at something not seen. Her two-year-old daughter had an imaginary friend named Lisa who lived in the closet, Jane explained. One night she recalled hearing dancing and singing so she checked on her daughter only to find she was asleep. The next morning her daughter began dancing and admitted Lisa had taught her the dance the previous night, Jane said.

The final half hour was a replay from 1/24/08 featuring author R. Gary Patterson and Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek discussing the life of Doors frontman Jim Morrison.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith / Art Rosengarten

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