Spaceflight Revolution / Elongated Skull Reconstructions

Spaceflight Revolution / Elongated Skull Reconstructions


HostConnie Willis

GuestsRobert Zubrin, Marcia K. Moore

In the first half of the program, Robert Zubrin, president of Pioneer Astronautics and the Mars Society, joined guest host Connie Willis (YouTube Channel) to discuss how entrepreneurs are making possible a future where travelers can take continent-to-continent flights through space, and one day visit and live on human settlements on the Moon, Mars, and beyond. The first step in this plan could happen as early as Tuesday, April 9, when Elon Musk's SpaceX plans the first commercial launch of Falcon Heavy rocket, a revolutionary reusable heavy lift booster. "What we're seeing is the entrepreneurial space revolution that's going to make it much more possible for people to go into space," Zubrin said.

The Falcon Heavy rocket was produced privately at a cost 1/30 of what NASA projected and the vehicle is 75% reusable, he explained. According to Zubrin, NASA lost the will to continue the human spaceflight program, which is when entrepreneurs entered the spaceflight industry and began making plans to get to Mars. "From a technical view we're much closer today to sending people to Mars than we were to sending men to the Moon in 1961, and we were there eight years later," he noted, estimating people will be on Mars by 2030. "If we find evidence of any life on Mars, it means the universe is filled with life," Zubrin said, adding that he thinks life will be there.


Marcia K. Moore is an artist compelled to reconstruct the story of our lost history with found elongated skulls using traditional art tools and modern software technology (Related Images). During the latter part of the show, she talked about how her reconstruction of elongated skulls comes to life, revealing our mysterious ancestors' origins, and the understanding of physical anomalies, which may guide us to a greater understanding of our lost history. "Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be reconstructing our ancients to repatriate our lost history here in North America and South America," she said.

Moore admitted she is not a trained forensic artist but has thoroughly researched anatomy in order to reconstruct elongated craniums. "I wanted to put a face on these ancient people," she revealed, noting how no one had ever seen a face put on these ancient skulls. Moore described her process of facial reconstruction which involves 3D software and is based on photographs of ancient skulls. According to Moore, she is guided by her intuition and the energy of the skull. "While you’re creating they're showing you... the soul of this entity is actually showing you how to reconstruct it," she said.



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