Media Manipulation / Demons & Sinister Artifacts

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Media Manipulation / Demons & Sinister Artifacts

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In the first half, documentary filmmaker and alternative media activist Alex Jones argued that mainstream journalists misrepresent his commentary. For many years he has been reporting the changes happening in the media landscape, and how the filtering and manipulation of information is an attempt by elites to keep the population in the dark. Regarding the Sandy Hook massacre (Jones is facing a defamation suit for claiming that the shooting was staged), he says he presented both sides of the issue on his shows but eventually determined that the event was real. He believes that he became a kind of "fall guy" who was demonized by specific groups that funded news organizations like BuzzFeed, and his remarks were taken out of context.

In a recent report, Jones admitted in a deposition that it was a "form of psychosis" which caused him to seriously consider that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. This was another instance of being misconstrued, he said, and what he meant was that after so many years of being lied to by the government, a person begins to question everything, which is similar to a kind of psychosis. Jones also talked about the targeted campaign to remove his content from social media, as well as the "globalist" agenda in which the populace is being told that "the world's over in 12 years, give up, while they weather-modify pre-cultural collapse, so when it collapses we believe it's our fault and don't resist." Notorious caller J.C. Webster phoned in proffer the bizarre conspiracy theory that the rise of Alex Jones was the brainchild of Art Bell and Vladimir Putin, who conspired together years ago.


Dr. Heather Lynn is a leading expert in alternative archaeology and hidden history. In the latter half, she discussed demons, possession, sinister artifacts, and gruesome archaeological discoveries. Demons can be looked at on both material and spiritual levels. Before the rise of Christianity, they weren't necessarily considered as exclusively evil, she pointed out. Speaking of the history of exorcisms and possession, in ancient times, priests asked the afflicted to make clay figurines of the demon they were bothered by in the hopes that it would possess the effigy rather than the person. 'Spiritual warrior' Bill Bean briefly joined the conversation to discuss his experience fighting demons.

Lynn described a strange exorcism she witnessed at a small church that involved an exuberant preacher who prayed for a writhing, growling woman rolled in on a hospital bed. She offered details about sites that have disturbing arrangements of human remains, such as the Capuchin Crypt in Rome-- said to be a reminder that we'll all become bones one day, as well as places where mass human sacrifices took place, which may have been done as an attempt to communicate with unseen or demonic forces. Lynn also touched on a dead area in a Transylvanian forest with twisted and deformed trees known as "the Clearing" where people report blue fog, orbs, and terrifying events.

News segment guests: Dr. Gary Ridenour, Steve Kates

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