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Eye-Brain Connection / Accessing the Soul

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Marc Grossman, Kim Russo

An influential pioneer, practitioner, and teacher in natural and integrative eyecare, Marc Grossman, O.D., is at the forefront of the holistic vision care movement and the mind-body connection. In the first half, he discussed the eye-brain connection into consciousness and how the eyes really are the windows to the soul. He outlined his belief that our thoughts, emotions, and attitudes can manifest physically in our eyes. Vision arises from parts of the body beyond the eyes, he added, and individuals typically use less than 5% of their possible energetic capabilities. For instance, people can see from the heart, he noted, and "when you do that, you can actually feel the difference in your eye muscles, and visually you'll see different also."

Grossman has concluded that almost all eye conditions have a physical, emotional, and psycho-spiritual level to them, and that if people can change the way their mind works, they can change their vision. He demonstrated this in his own life by doing eye exercises, and changing some of his habits and beliefs, which led to a reduction in his need to wear eyeglasses. Grossman issued a note of caution about the blue light emitted by many electronic devices such as computers and cell phones, which can cause eye strain, and also shared dietary suggestions to strengthen vision health (such as eating foods like kale, spinach, collard greens, orange peppers, and blueberries).


Known as 'The Happy Medium' and the star of Lifetime Movie Network's Psychic Intervention and The Haunting Of, Kim Russo came to embrace her gift of mediumship, which occurred when she was just nine years old. During the latter half, she offered her interpretation of the soul's purpose, and tips on how to harness the whispers from the soul by using intuition. Speaking of the primacy of the soul, instead of being a human having a spiritual experience, she asserts that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The soul, she continued, is pure consciousness that has no beginning or end, and is the spark of God.

Upon death, the soul leaves the physical body and it's this essence that she's able to communicate with as a medium. One of the biggest roadblocks for mediums, she cited, is the mental chatter of the mind. The chatter is ego-based, she explained, and we have to get rid of the analytical side and "all the stuff we were programmed to believe" so that we can get to the pure light, which is the seat of intuition and knowing. Before entering into a body, the soul picks their family of origin, the theme of their life, and even their name, she stated. Further, a lot of lightworkers are being born now in order to change the energy of the planet and heal it.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Lauren Weinstein, Peter Davenport



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