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Haunted People / Missouri Monster

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Paranormal researcher and doctor of anthropology Susan B. Martinez believes we are spirits housed in a physical body, and just as houses can be haunted, so can people. She joined guest host Richard Syrett for a discussion on the spirit world and how it affects us. Martinez recounted how she became a believer in the spirit world after reading the Oahspe bible, and why she objects to those who explain away spirits as energy or thought forms. "These are all giving us a semantic for what is actually the continuation of life, the continuation of consciousness after dropping the body," she said.

According to Martinez, there is an otherworldly component which influences human behavior. Specifically, pathological behaviors and personality disorders are prompted by spirits. "I think that... among [psychologists] are many who have a sense that the spirit world does have a significant influence," she proposed. Traumatic experiences can leave a living person vulnerable to spirit attachment, Martinez continued, noting hundreds of spirits can infest a single person. She also suggested serial killers, such as John Wayne Gacy, are themselves a kind of victim and compelled to murder from like-minded clinging spirits.


During the second half of the program, author and cryptid researcher Lyle Blackburn reported on the strange case of the legendary Missouri Monster (Momo), a faceless bipedal entity that emerged from the wooded hills, and has been associated with UFOs and disembodied voices. Momo first came to public knowledge after an incident was reported by the Harrison family on July 11, 1972, when their two young boys came face to face with the creature while playing outside. "They looked up to see this large hair-covered creature standing there looking at them," Blackburn said, noting their older sister also saw Momo from a window in the house.

They described Momo as tall, with no neck and a pumpkin-sized head, covered in hair, and carrying a dead dog, Blackburn continued. The father, Edgar Harrison, investigated and found vague footprints as well as depressed branches which appeared to confirm his children's story of their encounter with Momo. "Seemingly some kind of hairy animal had been lurking there in the backyard," Blackburn pointed out. A few weeks later, as the father's church group was leaving, all witnessed several balls of light flying from east to west across the trees, along with something that sounded like a loud growl and clanking noise from the hill, he explained. The parents grabbed their children and fled the property, Blackburn added.

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