Sci-Fi Entertainment / Art Bell Tribute

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Sci-Fi Entertainment / Art Bell Tribute

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In the first half, writer, producer, and director Marc Zicree discussed the rapidly changing world of the entertainment industry, and the trends in dramatic and sci-fi fi productions. Zicree began his entertainment career with the highly-regarded (and still in print with a new edition) book "The Twilight Zone Companion," and continued his career in television writing and now writing and directing for his series "Space Command." He said that the landscape of broadcast production is completely different than it was even a few years ago, and the result is "a very different way of watching television." However, Zicree said "I love the way things are now" since there is more freedom to create and experiment.

Zicree believes that the original "Twilight Zone" series was successful because it dealt with universal themes that went beyond politics or other divisive issues, and what made it great was that it "was made by people who were geniuses." Zicree also thinks that science fiction has likewise always been popular since it takes the reader or viewer "out of the current moment" and any petty concerns that might get in the way. He also spoke of his friendship with the late science fiction and fantasy author Ray Bradbury and recalled his maxim that "ideally your life and your work and your creativity should all come together."


During Open Lines in hour three, Carlos called from California and flattered George by guessing by the sound of his voice that he is in his "mid to late '40s." Donny, also from California, mentioned his belief that George’s taking over as host from Art Bell may have been destiny since, as he said: "there are no coincidences." George replied with a story of some amazing synchronicities that led him to become the main host of the program. John in Missouri recalled an episode of the "Outer Limits" TV show that featured a scientist who creates a miniature version of the Earth.

A memorial tribute to the late Art Bell filled the final hour. Bell, who died one year ago today was the founder and original host of Coast to Coast AM. Dannion Brinkley joined George to reminisce about his friendship with Bell. He said that Bell started out not really believing in many of the subjects he featured on the program, but gradually changed some of his views over the years. Brinkley also recalled an instance when he was in the hospital and Art and his wife Ramona "came to my hospital bed and did the show from there." The last 45 minutes of the program featured two classic segments from Bell’s program: a man who called in and claimed to be flying into Area 51, and the bizarre saga of Mel Waters and a deep cave on his property that was dubbed "Mel’s Hole."

News segment guests: Dr. John Curtis, Peter Davenport, Tim Binnall.

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