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American Conspiracies

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For far too long, American history has been left in the unreliable hands of those that author Donald Jeffries refers to as the "court historians." In the last three hours, Jeffries joined guest host Richard Syrett to discuss his new work, which scrutinizes the accepted history of the United States, proving that crimes, corruption, and conspiracies didn't start with the assassination of JFK. In the book, Jeffries wrote that "who controls the present, controls the past," which he identified during the show as those from "Ivy League universities and academics," while Jeffries says he is "kind of a historian from the street."

Jeffries lamented what he sees as a severe revisionist view of many of the founding fathers, especially Thomas Jefferson, who he says has been recently demonized as an unrepentant slave owner who took advantage of his slaves, particularly Sally Hemmings. Jeffries noted that Hemmings was certainly "favored" but that it is unclear whether Jefferson himself fathered any children with her since there were "many Jeffersons in the area." In contrast, he believes that Benjamin Franklin is seemingly given a pass on his questionable activities by the present generation, even though Jeffries says there is ample documentation that he was "the Hugh Hefner of his day," and treated his wife and estranged son badly.

Richard asked his guest about the "anti-Masonic party" of the early 19th century. Jeffries replied that they were actually a viable political party and ran candidates for office, and although John Quincy Adams was not in the party, he was "a very outspoken anti-Mason." Jeffries also discussed the history of the Illuminati organization, founded in 1776 by German Adam Weishaupt. Although most of the founding fathers were against the influence of the Illuminati, Jeffries said that Jefferson tended to look upon them more favorably because he believed they were striking a blow against organized religion and centralized power.

Jeffries believes that Abraham Lincoln is considered a "secular saint," but that he was actually "our first imperial president," who expanded the powers of the executive branch far beyond what they'd been before his administration. On the night of the assassination, Jeffries says that "protocol was broken all over the place" by others in the administration who refused to attend the theater performance where Lincoln was shot and which he believes points to a definite conspiracy within the government, and even within Lincoln’s administration itself.

Haunted Kentucky

In the first hour, Steve Asher shared accounts of Native American curses and ghosts of children as well as a mysterious nun who haunt the St. Vincent Academy, an old Catholic orphanage in Western Kentucky. Asher related the history of the place and the fact that it sits in an area of coal mines and "hard-working people with very short lives," which he says gave them a sense of their mortality. Although the children were apparently treated well, the ghost called the "Black Nun" wanders the building, reportedly causing ruin to all who attempt to pursue her. Asher also told of a 19th-century ship captain who buried his young bride in her wedding dress in a glass coffin, only to die at her side in the mausoleum where she was entombed. Witnesses later claimed to see moisture condensing on the inside of the glass as if the corpse was breathing.

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