Linda Moulton Howe Retrospective / UFO Phenomena

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Linda Moulton Howe Retrospective / UFO Phenomena

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In the first half of the program, Linda Moulton Howe took a retrospective look back on her career investigating mystery subjects, including new revelations about the cattle mutilations and the AATIP program. Howe has recently ended her long run as a correspondent for Coast to Coast, but continues her reporting on edge science and environmental issues. Reacting to recent revelations about the UFO subject, she said the headline "we are not alone" should have happened "long ago." She also said that a government official told her years ago that the Earth is the center of a sort of turf war among three alien races and has been "for 270 million years."

Howe also discussed the famous "Art’s parts" artifact that Art Bell gave her to have analyzed 22 years ago. The piece was supposedly taken from a crashed UFO, and she says matches favorably with more recent "metamaterial" artifacts that have made headlines in the last couple of years. The piece consists of "nanolayers" of primarily bismuth and magnesium that she noted, "has not been duplicated." Howe also stated that by 1994 she concluded that what we think of as aliens are in fact "androids, clones, and robots" who are created by a "prime intelligence" which is at least "100 years ahead" of human technology. She concluded that secrecy about these issues should end and "it is only when you know everything, and then you have to deal with it, then you are stronger."


Lee Speigel and James Fox have been working on an epic film about the UFO phenomenon for years, entitled "The Phenomenon." In the second half, they shared their most recent research into the mystery of the UFO story. Commenting on the recent seeming openness from the US government about the issue, Speigel thinks "it’s about time" for the authorities to take the subject seriously, but also noted, that from his point of view, that "disclosure has already happened, and it has been going on for a long time." Fox added that, even with all this seeming openness, that "there is a lot of stuff that has yet to be disclosed." Both agree that the phenomenon seems to involve some sort of intelligence and objects that "want to be seen by people." George added that billionaire Robert Bigelow said that the way it presents itself is almost like some sort of theater act.

One of their collaborators on the film is famed researcher Jacques Vallee, who Fox says "gave us credibility every step of the way." They also value his deep analysis, citing a symbol that was reported from the famous Socorro UFO landing case of 1964, which Vallee wanted to compare to local cattle brands. The film also includes a new analysis of a supposed artifact from a UFO, which Fox said involves a machine and technique, as well as a result which is "extraordinary," but would not elaborate at this time. Speigel believes that certain aspects of the UFO subject are kept from elected officials, based partly on a quote from former President Bill Clinton, who said he was stonewalled by people on his staff when attempting to find answers.

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