Threats to American Jobs / Strange Flying Humanoids

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Threats to American Jobs / Strange Flying Humanoids

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For over two decades, Hilarie Gamm has amassed a wide-sweeping professional portfolio at virtually all levels of the tech industry. In the first half, she discussed her mission to champion American workers, amidst an era of the Middle Class being squeezed, and professional visa workers taking many employment opportunities in the tech field. In Silicon Valley, wages have been on a decline, she reported, and this is because we have so many foreign workers, willing to work 60-80 hours a week at a lower wage. "Globalism and capitalism are a toxic mix," she declared. "You cannot sustain a capitalist economy while you have foreign labor that's constantly undercutting the American worker." Further, she pointed out, the US lacks laws about citizens' data leaving the country, and this has led to a considerable increase in jobs offshore involved in managing Americans' information.

Gamm advocated against OPT, a program that allows international students to work in their related fields while studying in the US. The huge increase in foreign students at American universities has pushed out US kids from the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) majors, she cited, and via OPT, the international students can work up to three years for each degree they earn, "so we have people who can stay in the United States for 15-20 years and never become citizens." This is one of the biggest drains on job opportunities for Americans just coming out of college, she added. Gamm also spoke against H4EAD, a form of legal immigration for spouses of international workers. Many of these spouses have nabbed tech jobs, and driven American women out of the field, she said.


Fortean and paranormal researcher Lon Strickler has written a number of books on unexplained, mysterious, and bizarre encounters. In the latter half, he reported on sightings in Chicago of a flying humanoid creature he calls the Chicago Phantom (view related images/info). He also gave updates on sightings of a Bigfoot-like creature, upright canines, and alien entities. The Chicago Phantom incidents began in 2017, and since then have spread into the neighboring states of Wisconsin and Indiana, he detailed. In some 80 sightings over the last two years, witnesses have described a creature that is 5-6 feet in height, and has a small, thin head, an emaciated body, and bat-like wings with a span of 10-15 ft. Sometimes, the winged entities are described as having red eyes, and when seen on the ground, they suddenly jettison themselves into the air.

Strickler has concluded that while the flying beings appear as flesh and blood creatures, they come here through a kind of interdimensional portal. He has posed a similar explanation for other cryptids and aliens. Studying upright canine reports for a number of years in Pennsylvania, and more recently in Alabama, he shared a report of a creature sighted near Birmingham. Two people saw bright lights, and then a huge wolf-like animal (estimated to be 9-10 ft. tall) with blazing yellow eyes crouching down near their SUV. He also talked about different alien types including Greys, Reptilians, and hybrids, and how in some cases abductees report that they're cured of medical ailments after their encounters.

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