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Hilarie Gamm

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For most of her career, spanning over 25 years, Hilarie Gamm has been at the frontlines of America’s high-tech industry. She is a nationally recognized leader in technology. She is a nationally known expert and leader in America's high -tech industry. She has over 25 years of experience in the field, with domestic and global exposure. Hilarie is the author of the groundbreaking book “Billions Lost: The American Tech Crisis And The Road Map to Change.”



Past shows:

Rebuilding Jobs in America / Mysterious Deaths of Doctors

Hilarie Gamm spoke about bringing jobs back to the US and the problem of foreign labor. Followed by Cheryll Jones with her interview of natural health advocate Erin Elizabeth on the mysterious deaths of doctors. More »

Threats to American Jobs / Strange Flying Humanoids

Hilarie Gamm outlined the loss of American job opportunities. Followed by Lon Strickler on flying humanoids, aliens, and cryptids. More »

Tech Industry Crisis/ Paranormal Travel

Hilarie Gamm discussed threats to the tech industry. Followed by Michael Brein, with tales of unusual travel experiences. More »

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