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High Voltage People

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A 'SLIder' refers to a high voltage person that has so much electrical energy in their bodies that it can cause disturbances around them, which may create electrical phenomena. CJ Romer, paranormal researcher and member of ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena), joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss people with electrical anomalies, and those who have "Street Light Interference" or SLI, a term coined by the late paranormal/UFO researcher, Hilary Evans (related document). Is it possible that the electrical energy of the human body affects the filament of a streetlamp and causes it to turn off or flicker? The process of how this would occur, Romer concedes, is somewhat inexplicable, yet there are certain individuals where this happens a great deal more than chance would dictate.

Speaking of the curious 19th-century account of Angelique Cottin, dubbed "The Electrical Girl," he noted how during a 10-week period she seemed to be able to repel and move heavy objects as though she had the power of a large magnet. The details in the Cottin case are similar to poltergeist reports, and Romer suggested that it's possible that electrical effects could be a manifestation of psychic abilities such as psychokinesis. In a more modern case, a boy from Bristol was said to affect a TV set signal, which would flicker in his presence, and then return to normal when he left the room. In Manchester, a woman named Jacqueline Priestman reportedly had high levels of static electricity, and could even transmit miniature bolts of lightning.

In spite of the strangeness of these electrical anomalies, in most cases the people who had them were actually in very good health, Romer reported. During the latter portion of the interview, callers shared their tales of odd, electrical disturbances. Caller Karl theorized that those who have out-of-body and near-death experiences might be more prone to these anomalies, which Romer concurred could well be possible.

Aliens & Hybrids

First-hour guest, Dr. Young-hae Chi, a Korean studies professor at Oxford University, claims aliens walk among us, and based on his research, he believes they have developed a new hybrid species. The hybrids could already have started replacing humans, he suggested, and are likely designed to better survive on our planet in a post-climate change world. Chi concludes that instead of outer space, the aliens hail from a parallel or intersecting reality that is not visible to our senses but to some degree shares our biosphere. That is why, he surmises, the aliens continue to warn about ecological disasters and humankind's penchant for destructive activity. For more, see this related article.

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