Ancient Technology & Stone Circles / Secret Space Program

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Ancient Technology & Stone Circles / Secret Space Program

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In the first half, scientist and researcher Michael Tellinger discussed his ongoing research on vanished civilizations all over the world, including stone circles and Adam's Calendar, ancient advanced technology and gold mining, as well as mysterious fossils. Adam's Calendar, a megalithic stone structure in South Africa, might be what Zecharia Sitchin referred to as Enki's (one of the Anunnaki gods) special place for observing nearby gold mining operations. The stone circle, which contains various astronomical alignments, may actually date back 300,000 years, Tellinger marveled.

"South Africa is the home of the largest concentration of stone ruins anywhere on Earth," he continued, estimating that the region, including Zimbabwe, has some 10 million locations scattered about. Further, near the stone circles, Tellinger believes he has found fossils of ancient humanoids including Reptilians, giants (up to 1,500 ft. tall!), and possibly the Anunnaki. The ancient civilizations associated with these relics were fueled by an advanced technology now lost to us, he argued, and they were able to float or levitate large objects using vortex or toroidal magnetic fields, and facilitate their gold mining by focusing sound energies.


In the latter half, Dr. Michael Salla, pioneer in the development of exopolitics, and author exposing US government policies on ET life, shared his research into the history of the secret space program including the Air Force's stunning arsenal of exotic spacecraft and mind-blowing technologies assembled over decades. Interestingly, he suggested that what Kenneth Arnold actually saw in his famous 'flying saucer' sighting of 1947 were German craft deliberately deployed over America from Antarctica to impress upon the USAF that they'd mastered the reverse-engineering of UFO technology. Subsequently, Operation Project Paperclip ensued, bringing some 1,600 German scientists (many of them former Nazis) to America to work in the military-industrial complex, he recounted, including playing a significant role in NASA and the Apollo program.

Salla has concluded that major war operations presented opportunities for huge amounts of money to be siphoned off for secret projects, such as what went on at the Montauk Air Force Station from 1971-1983. Based on whistleblower testimony, he believes they perfected portal or stargate technology there, which allowed people to be instantly transported to far-flung destinations such as Mars. Over the years, the Germans continued their covert technological and spacecraft projects out of Antarctica, he cited, and "right now, I firmly believe there are several million people on Mars that are part of this German breakaway colony."

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