Mysterious Mounds / Cayce & Ancient America

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Mysterious Mounds / Cayce & Ancient America

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In the first half, filmmaker, author and researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed his ongoing work on the mysterious ancient mounds found all over North America-- some quite massive, and seemingly composed using advanced mathematics not known during that period. There is nothing in the First Nation tradition, he noted, that indicates they had knowledge of trigonometry and astronomy that were employed in some of the structures' alignments. Is there a hidden history hiding in plain sight? he pondered. First Nation peoples do speak of ancient warring with cannibalistic giants or Nephilim. There are some 10,000 mounds in Ohio alone, but there weren't that many people to build them, Marzulli suggested, especially the large ones (the Octagon Mound was constructed with over 500,000 tons of earth).

According to his research, when white settlers first came to Ohio and asked the Native Americans who built the huge earthworks like the Octagon, they replied: "we don't know, they were here when we got here." This, he added, is similar to a pattern he heard about constructions in Peru. Marzulli has concluded that some of the mounds were gateways or portals, where human sacrifice was practiced as a ritualized method to bring in other-dimensional entities. He believes what came through were nefarious supernatural beings, spoken of in the Bible as fallen angels or the Nephilim. Further, giant skeletons were discovered, 8 to 12 ft. in length, at various excavated sites, he reported.


In the latter half, expert on the American prophet Edgar Cayce, Dr. Greg Little, shared his research into areas of the mystical and the mysterious including ancient artifacts, giants, and how Edgar Cayce offered many insights into not only the ancient world but future events as well. Picking up on the topics in the first half of the show, he reported that there are thousands of stone mounds in Alabama, and snake effigies found in mountains there in recent years. Cayce's readings referenced Indian mounds in America, but rather than ET or supernatural in source, he indicated they were connected with the Atlantean past. For more on the mounds and Native American lore, check out Little's video, "Path of Souls: The Native American Death Journey."

According to Cayce, there were humans in the Americas as long as 10 million years ago, mainly in the Southwest, but the population picked up around 50,000 BC with Atlanteans, and people from the South Pacific (migrating from the destroyed Lemuria). Further, Cayce pinpointed certain Native American tribes such as the Iroquois as being the purest descendants of Atlanteans. In his search for the location of Atlantis, Little visited the Bahamas and discovered many crashed planes underwater, some connected with Bermuda Triangle disappearances. Little and his team experienced electrical & magnetic anomalies, and strange weather phenomena, including five waterspouts that encircled his ship. At Andros island, green, red, and white lights briefly formed in the sky and then disappeared over a several-hour period, he recalled.

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