Aztec-Alien Artifacts / Lucid Dreaming & Healing

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Aztec-Alien Artifacts / Lucid Dreaming & Healing

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In the first half, author and researcher Steve Quayle debuted his latest discovery--what seems to be 500-year-old Aztec artifacts, war implements that depict clear images of alien beings, UFO-type craft, and the planet Saturn. Photos of the artifacts were sent to him by a Mexican citizen, who said the objects were made out of jadeite, and were dug out of a mountainside on private property in Central Mexico. "To my knowledge," said Quayle, "it's the first time...the Aztec and alien interface" has been revealed, and if the artifacts are authenticated (a forensic geologist reportedly is examining them), "it changes the history of the world forever." It's interesting that Saturn is portrayed as one of the images, he noted, given that two of the planet's moons-- Enceladus and Titan, may be capable of hosting alien life.

There are more artifacts that are part of the cache, panels the size of house doors, he disclosed, and they show aliens participating in gruesome spectacles where people are having their hearts cut out, at what may have been an alien/Aztec temple. The panels portray a number of different types of aliens, he added. Quayle also referenced a statue in which an Aztec priest is holding what seems to be a severed alien head that has red almond-shaped eyes. He pointed out that the red color has been associated with Reptilians and other sinister beings.


Six years before the scientific evidence for lucid dreaming emerged, Robert Waggoner taught himself a simple method to become lucid or consciously aware in the dream state. During the next forty years, he has deeply explored lucid dreaming and discovered a way to directly connect with a knowledgeable and creative inner awareness. In the latter half, he discussed pioneering ways for lucid dreamers to use this state for physical and emotional healing, as well as gaining an understanding of our subconscious underpinnings. To become aware that you're dreaming within a dream, one can perform a "reality check" such as pulling on their index finger. If the finger starts growing and growing, this verifies you're in a dream, he noted. There are also techniques on how to stabilize a lucid dream once you become conscious you are in that state.

He shared the case of a man who suffered from such a bad case of GERD (digestive disorder) he had to sleep upright in a recliner. The man learned that people sometimes can heal themselves through lucid dreaming, and was motivated to master the technique. In just two lucid dreams, he was able to harness a kind of energy that turned his condition around, Waggoner marveled. A dream involving a deceased person can sometime trigger lucidity. He detailed how in this type of dream one can ask questions of the departed person to determine if they might be a genuine spirit form or just a dream fabrication. Waggoner also talked about his lucid experiments in communicating with an awareness behind the dream itself-- scenarios in which he asks a question, and the answer comes from a disembodied voice rather than the dream characters.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Jeffrey Smith, Peter Davenport

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