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Crop Circles & Healing / Open Lines

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One of the world's leading crop circle photographers, Lucy Pringle has had her images used worldwide on television, in films, books, and magazines. She joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss her investigation into the healing properties of crop circles. Pringle recalled injuring her shoulder the day before she stepped into a crop formation. She used a pendulum to dowse for the area of strongest energy, sat down, and soon felt its energetic effects. "When I was sitting down I suddenly realized that something was rippling, it seemed to be an energy was rippling through my shoulders... I lifted my damaged arm and lo and behold, it was absolutely cured," she said.

Her friend Maggie, who suffered from Reynaud’s disease and other conditions, also received relief after she was directed to sit where Pringle had been in the circle. Pringle has collected over 800 reports from individuals who described experiences inside or within the vicinity of crop formations. "The reason behind this is because they're giving off frequencies - it's all to do with frequencies," she revealed. According to Pringle, people with damaged joints, toothaches, hay fever, and even Parkinson's disease, have had their health greatly improved by crop circles. She suggested the geometric formations spike gamma waves in the brain, which in turn increases dopamine production.


Open Lines followed for the remainder of the program. Perry in Lompoc, California, shared a ghost story involving his great-grandmother. She saw an old boyfriend of hers when she was in the basement doing laundry, and the next day read his obituary in the newspaper, he reported.

Shirley in Carbondale, Illinois, claimed she was taken aboard a spacecraft, spent a year with an alien race, and eventually married a Pleiadian. According to Shirley, Earth is immune from alien invasion because the solar system is patrolled by the Galactic Empire (located in the heart of the Pleiades constellation) and the Alliance, whose forces prevent marauders and others from invading the planet.

Robert from Tucson, Arizona wondered why if the United States has advanced extraterrestrial-based technology, it has not been used against enemies such as the hostile regime in Iran. "If we had this weaponry, we could, for example, zap those enemy ships into another dimension or destroy them," he said. Robert suggested the nation does not have such advanced technology or it would have used it by now.

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